Newton is Scootin'


Auburn's campus is just a little too big for junior quarterback Cam Newton.

That's why the junior college transfer has taken to riding his motorized scooter to and from class.

Newton said he also utilized his scooter while at the University of Florida.

He said the campus was a lot bigger in Gainesville, and almost half the student body had some sort of motorized vehicle.

"The campus was so big, and going from one place to another place could be very tiring," Newton said. "Then having to go to practice after that can be very tiring on your legs."

At 6-feet-6-inches, Newton overpowers the scooter, which causes many stares from passersby.

"I get a lot of double takes and a lot of smiles, but that doesn't bother me," Newton said. "While they're laughing and walking, I'm zooming by."

Christen McFarland, a sophomore in graphic design, said she was amazed the first time she saw Newton riding on his scooter.

"His legs stick out so far, and he just looks like he's uncomfortable," McFarland said. "At the same time, it's really funny, and I can't help but giggle."

Newton started riding his scooter on campus almost as soon as he arrived.

"It's been very useful for me to go in and out of traffic and something that I can depend on to get me from point A to point B very fast," Newton said.

McFarland said seeing Newton on a scooter makes her want to get one even more than before.

"At first I thought I would look lazy or something by not walking," McFarland said. "But if it's good enough for our quarterback, it's good enough for me."

Newton's scooter, which is decorated with Auburn stickers, is frequently seen outside the athletic complex.

Newton said many of his teammates tease him for his scooter, but he thinks it is because they are jealous.

"I think a lot of players are going to get scooters in the near future," Newton said. "That's kind of exciting because then you can have a bike club."

Eager to join Newton's bike club is McFarland, who grew up around motorcycles.

"I think it would be fun if he did start something like that, but for scooters," McFarland said. "I had relatives with motorcycles growing up and thought it looked so cool. I wouldn't mind having that bond with moped drivers, especially Cam Newton."

With some students eager to join Newton's club, how soon could a bike club from him be expected?

Newton said he had too much going on in the fall because of football season.

Until then, Scootin' Newton will continue to zoom past fellow students.

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