Mama Mocha's to start selling beer

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The Auburn City Council has approved a request by Mama Mocha's Coffee Emporium for a retail beer alcoholic beverage license at their meeting on Tuesday.

The beverage license will allow Mama Mocha's to sell beer to customers to drink at the establishment or to take home with them.

Sarah Gill, owner and operator of Mama Mocha's, said she's been considering selling alcohol at her coffee shop since 2015.

"I'm at the point now where I've had my baby, I'm feeling pretty solid and I've got a solid crew so it's time to go ahead and start offering cans of beer," Gill said.

Sarah said she hopes to serve a variety of beers, whether they're domestic, high gravity, craft, locally brewed, cheap or expensive, but she only plans to sell them in cans.

"Red Clay is going to start canning soon so we'll probably get them," said Taylor Gill, Sarah's husband. "The two domestics will probably be PBR and Coor's original, probably tall boys, and a lot of the other breweries we'll try to get as much Alabama stuff as we can."

Sarah said she hopes that selling beer along with extending her business hours into the night at Mama Mocha's will bring in a new demographic for her business as well as a good nighttime crowd.

"We hope to have some new music endeavors in the nighttime again so we can sell beer at music events and have some acoustic shows and maybe some limited seating harder rock stuff, because we were having some issues with overcrowding, so I said, 'We're not doing this again until we have beer and cap off how many people come in here,' because it was nuts," Sarah said.

Among other items on Tuesday's agenda, the City Council also approved:

A contract with the Restocon Corporation for repairs on the Downtown Parking Deck valued at $157,559.80.

A memorandum of understanding with the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning the delineation of responsibilities of the Cyber Task Force.

Agreement with the Alabama Bicentennial Commission and Lee County Bicentennial Commission to support a Community Celebration Committee to observe and commemorate Alabama's bicentennial.

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