COLUMN: We can all be Wonder Women


I don't go to the movie theater often, but when I do, I see "Wonder Woman." 

Cheesy beer references aside, "Wonder Woman" is one of the best movies produced in years. It's got everything a wholesome movie has without making you feel like you're watching a Hallmark movie. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie in all its action packed moments, what happened after I followed the dimly lit runways out into the daylight made me appreciate the movie far more. 

My cousin, a 13-year-old girl, marched out of the theater and said, "I feel like I can do anything." 

That struck a cord in my heart — it almost touched me as much as Charlie taking to the piano on that cold, snowy night. Movie reference, no spoilers. 

My delicate but spunky teenage cousin gained what most middle school girls desperately need – confidence. 

The story follows more than one daring, passionate and courageous woman. It shows an island of incredibly strong women that never knew a day they weren't competent enough to take down the mightiest of creatures.  

The companionship on that island should have been seen as a lesson to women everywhere. Sometimes all we can wrap our minds around is what sets us back, so we fight each other refusing to admit that we're all facing the same thing.

When Diana Prince, played by Gal Gadot, falls at the hand of Antiope, played by Robin Wright, the others stand looking at her waiting for her to rise. The faith these women have in each other is unmatched today. 

The trainers work until their students are stronger than they are. It's miraculous. 

Every astonishing kick and flip left my and my cousin's jaws on the ground. The surprised looks that swept over men's faces as she took on the world, fighting for all the right reason, made me even more proud of my gender. 

It's silly that it took a movie to make my cousin feel that level of confidence. What if she were to feel that addictive, world-changing confidence every day of her life? What if all young women knew they could take on the world one gutsy decision at a time? 

Maybe women wouldn't be immediately judged for how much or little clothing they're wearing but rather their abilities and passions. 

It's also imperative to mention the men that followed Prince as she took on impossible feats. Their kindness and faith — the love they had for her and the mission. There were bumpy moments along the way, but she never gave them a reason to doubt her. 

If any young woman were to look to any character in pop-culture today for inspiration, Wonder Woman should be the lady. She's everything all of us, men included, should strive for everyday. Her intolerance for crime and hatred is refreshing. 

Learning to love and fight for the way our world should be is a mindset I hope that 13-year-old took to heart because it's not so easy to grasp anymore. If anyone can do it, it's the young ones. 

If we all had the self-confidence Prince has, we too could march into the office of the highest ranks in a country, demand changes and refuse to take "no" for an answer. 

Everyone has it in them and I was reminded of that when I walked into the lobby of the movie theater – interesting place to have an epiphany, right? 

One movie did that. Why can't all movies do that? 

Coming from someone that hasn't been to the movie theater in more than two years, "Wonder Woman" deserves your attention. Who knows what you'll take from the film. 

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