Tigers take it off for Playboy
by Miranda Dollarhide / EDITOR
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Haley Ann poses for the November issue of Playboy magazine as part of the Girls of the SEC spread. Playboy came to Auburn last spring for the photoshoot. (CONTRIBUTED)
Haley Ann poses for the November issue of Playboy magazine as part of the Girls of the SEC spread. Playboy came to Auburn last spring for the photoshoot. (CONTRIBUTED)
Haley Ann, junior in apparel merchandising, design and production, always knew she wanted to pose for Playboy, but when they came to campus last April, she didn’t know they would catch her with her pants down—literally.

Haley Ann and four other Auburn women chose to be featured in Playboy’s November college issue, which consists of 26 women from other schools in the Southeastern Conference.

When Haley Ann found out Playboy was coming, she said she signed up online and auditioned at the Lexington Hotel with her own outfit in tow.

Then she waited for a call back.

“They called me back and said they really like me,” Haley Ann said. “I think it was actually the next day. They sent the pictures to the producers.”

The photoshoot for the November issue took place a couple of days later at a cabin in Chewacla State Park.

“I had a lot of butterflies in my stomach,” Haley Ann said. “It kind of happened all so fast, so I really didn’t have time to get nervous. I was actually kind of shocked at first, kind of a surreal moment that I was going to be in Playboy.”

When she arrived at a cabin at the park, a stylist had everything laid out for her.

Instead of styling Haley Ann for a completely nude look, they exposed only her derriere.

“I told them I would be more comfortable with being more covered then less,” Haley Ann said. “It was an idea they had had, so it was mutual I guess.”

Despite her modesty, Haley Ann said she still had to warm her parents up to the idea of her posing for Playboy.

“Well at first they were hesitant,” she said. “But usually they are always supportive in something I want to do. They know I did it for myself.”

Haley Ann said she hasn’t shown them the magazine personally, but she is sure they have seen it by now.

Some of the other Auburn women decided to expose themselves in other ways.

Kylee Noel, Brandy Evans and Kaitlyn Ryan posed wearing a shredded Auburn jersey exposing their breasts, while Liliana Cook decided to wear underwear and a seductively placed sweater.

Haley Ann said working with Playboy was a great experience.

“Everyone made me really comfortable throughout the entire shoot,” Haley Ann said. “It was fun and pretty informal. I would definitely say there is nothing bad about it.”

She said she feels the experience was positive for her.

“There are so many women in the world who have gone on to be really successful after Playboy,” Haley Ann said. “The way the world is today, I really don’t think it can negatively affect your future. I definitely think it supports women. It gives them a chance to feel comfortable with their body to show what they have.”

In the future, Haley Ann would like to try other things involving the entertainment industry.

A Chicago native, Haley Ann said she is studying apparel design, but wants to go back to Chicago and be a stylist for high-end magazines.
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November 12, 2011
Personally I would never do it, pose for playboy. But I do believe in this day in age its hard to put a line or when things have gone to far. As for this women , least they represent real women. Rather than some fake celebrity image. But then again , I would never want my grandchildren nor my daughter , and sons , to see me in playboy. But again , its each to his or her own.
November 12, 2011
Actually, alexanderroberson, we have just as much right to make known our view of their actions as these girls have the right to do this.

That's right, I recognize that these girls have the right to do it. However, it is also my right to say that I think they are wrong. Plain and simple, it's disgusting and a shame.

And do you know what? You're right about something else; it's her body, and I'm not going to buy this magazine. However, this does not at all solve the problem. I feel sorry for them, because of what they let themselves become with these pictures, because, like it or not, when someone looks at these pictures, they see boobs, or they see butts. Do they see a person? No. They see boobs. That's what I'm trying to say. The actions of these girls represent the sad truth of what our society is becoming: it's turning women into physical, sexy objects. Obviously, there are frequent and obvious exceptions, but they are the representation of this, and MY VIEW is that I absolutely hate to be represented, as an Auburn woman, in this way. I'm a beautiful, strong, smart, and very accomplished young woman- I'm not the "boobs" that men who look at these pictures see, because that's what happens: the photos of these girls have repercussions on women around them.

Be uncomfortable with my view, but know that is it valid, just as is their right to do this. However, also know that it's pretty disgusting to have this on such public display to an audience that, except for the gross and cowardly men that "appreciate" this "entertainment," is also disappointed and disgusted with it.
November 08, 2011
It's their body, not yours. If you don't want to see it, don't buy the magazine. But you don't have the right to chastise these women for their decision to pose nude.
November 05, 2011
I am disgusted at the way society has become. First and foremost, this is NOT something to be proud of. How proud you must be of yourself, Miss Haley Ann, to be exploited in this manner. This is an embarrassment to Auburn. It is sad that you have given in to the world's view of women. Thank you for making it more difficult for women to gain respect. You have officially embarrassed women as a whole, the school of Auburn University, and yourself. By the way- women with confidence don't feel the need to "expose their deriere". We take our education and go out into the world and make women look like the strong, classy, women that they should be. I feel sorry for you- sorry that you don't possess the intelligence to know better. Auburn University is a joke now, thanks to you.
November 03, 2011
This entire Playboy escapade, as it has always been, is disgusting.

“I definitely think it supports women. It gives them a chance to feel comfortable with their body to show what they have.”

…. Really? This statement is so far from the truth, I truly pity Miss. Ann for having such low regard for herself and the women around her at Auburn. What the photos in this magazine will do is to paint a picture of women at Auburn that, I believe, is very false. As an Auburn woman, I believe that I and many others are embarrassed to have this misrepresentation of ourselves for the whole country to see and immediately make assumptions. I'm sorry, but this is not the behavior of an Auburn woman.

Moreover, as a woman in general I am always appalled at the immodest acts that women such as these will do to achieve some certain goal of their own. It is DEGRADING to women. We become OBJECTS. So, Haley Ann only exposed her butt in the picture? Well, that's all she's going to be: the butt that boys all over the country will look at and judge Auburn. Finally, it's harmful to our fellow Auburn men, too. Whether they want to admit it or not, looking at such photos, which can lead to an addiction, can have an incredibly harmful and lasting effect on their own lives and those around them.

In conclusion, I am embarrassed to have Auburn and particularly, Auburn women, represented in such a disgusting way. And as a woman, I am just once again appalled and discouraged by the low-standard that these girls have for themselves and how this affects ALL women around them.
November 03, 2011
Wow what great parenting here. It's almost as good as the quality of grammar and spelling in this article.