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« carpept wrote on Thursday, Apr 14 at 01:54 PM »
I'm just about through with this whole sad affair. The ban was preordained by the powers that be before the vast majority of the Auburn family heard anything about it.

The effort to collect "feedback" and "input" was and is a total sham; the unverifiable results on which the administration is basing its decisions directly contradict the freely-available feedback available online (Wordpress and Plainsman) which suggests a very different degree of support. Count the pro- and con- posts yourself.

The scientific foundation on which this proposed ban rests has been challenged and no adequate answers have been offered by proponents of the ban. Note that the known dangers of secondhand smoke are necessary but not sufficient to find an objective justification for the kind of ban that is being proposed.

I say the ban that is being proposed; of course, none of us know what ban is being proposed, since the bill/resolution has not been drafted yet. Frankly, I find it curious that the SGA votes on issues which have not been well-defined. Given that they don't even keep track of the bills they pass on their website anymore, perhaps this isn't so surprising.

“This policy could upset a few people here and there,” Smith said, “but this policy could also prevent someone from starting to smoke."

=> Technically, according to the survey conducted by the SGA - which we can only assume greatly favors the side of the administration, which is plainly pro-ban - about 1/5 people (~ 5,000 students) will be upset by this bill. That's compared to about nobody who would be upset to see the bill pass... since the bill's failing would maintain the status quo.

Whatever. Some of us are too busy to attend meetings, especially when the presence or absence of the little people won't make any difference at all.