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What is really interesting about Montgomery "safety" claims is WHAT THEY LEFT OUT!

Where are the CONTROL SITES. These are NON camera sites to compare to RLC sites. MISSING!

How many of thoese traffic fatalities are RLV REALATED! And of that how many had DUI, fleeing police, not paying attention, medical mechanical stuff a RLC WILL NOT STOP!

In fact Las Cruces NM attempted to take false "credit" for RLV death that WAS DUI RELATED!

Why no mention of 2008 and 2009 DATA?????? IN fact why we are at it where is 2006 and 2005!

Where is the traffic flow. Many motorists try to avoid these intersections!

YOU NEED TO ASK FOLKS. RLC ARE NOT A SAFETY DEVICE, THEY ARE A REVENUE DEVICE! Most of what they write are techincal FOULS (non dangerous right turns on red, split second mistakes, and stopping over the stop line), not safety ones!

Cities and POLICE have BEEN BUSTED LYING IN 2010.


Police claims of safety in LA were found to be MISLEADING by the AUDITOR!

Chicago, BUSTED LYING on their safety claims..

Winnipeg under reporting. SEE: RED LIGHT CAMERA DISGRACE!

JOIN THE RLC REVOLT. Citizens in 4 towns in WA STATE are collecing signatures to DEMAND A VOTE!