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I do not agree with this at all. I'm not sure what campus you have been walking on, but no where around Auburn have I walked through a "cloud of smoke". The people who do smoke, the few that there are, typically smoke far enough away from buildings that it does effect the nonsmokers. Smoking is not just a silly, unhealthy habit. I know many people who smoke only occasionally to relieve stress and anxiety caused by tests and exams and personal problems. It is simply their way to help themselves. You cannot condemn them for that. The only time I have ever seen a "cloud of smoke" is outside of RBD during exam week. Few actually remember that RBD use to allow smoking INSIDE of the library during exam week, showing that Auburn acknowledged the fact that smoking actually helped many students during that grueling week.

We are in college. We are old enough and wise enough to make decisions for ourselves. If we choose to delve into an unhealthy habit, than so be it. That is our decision, not yours. And basically forcing students and faculty to quit smoking using cessation programs and the inconvenience of smoking far away from civilization is an obscene violation of our personal freedoms and I know many will not stand for such an injustice. We have the RIGHT as Americans to choose whether we want to quit or not, it is not up to a few faculty members and students to decide for us.

Auburn is not a smoking campus. I see fewer than 5 or 10 people a day smoking. Such a small number does not require such a dramatic decision. It is not the smokers who will get burned on this, it will be the committee members who came up with this poor plan from the onslaught of backlash from students and facility alike.
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