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As a graduate of Auburn University and a former history teacher that worked tirelessly to instill critical thinking skills in her students, I could not agree more with The Plainsman's take on this situation. Let me first make clear that I realize that the response to Miss Tsaltas' column is that of a small group. Therefore the entire student body should not be criticized.

I don't know what I'm more disgusted with...the Bama-like division of Greek and Non-Greek or the inability of SOME Auburn students to use the most basic of reasoning skills.

One of the things that I love about Auburn is that one's greek affiliation, or lack-there-of, has never mattered. Membership in the Auburn Family has always taken precedence to any other affiliation. I say that as someone who was a member of a sorority but whose closest friends were "independents" during our college days.

Less superficial and most troubling is the failure of a group of students at my beloved Auburn to decern between opinion and news in a newspaper. This is symptomatic of a larger and more serious problem. Individuals are graduating from high schools and gaining college admittance all while lacking basic reasoning skills that are absolutely vital in a republican democracy. In the humble opinion of this individual, that is the real tragedy and source of outrage.

As expected, irrational, ridiculous and even violent reactions is what you get from the unenlightened. My heart breaks that this is happening at Auburn. I hope that the level-headed majority will take this as an opportunity to open a rational dialogue.

War Eagle!

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You misunderstand me. Many of the comments, such as "you should jump off of Haley Center." fall into a completely separate category than does this article or even (Which I find to be an extreme example, how can you even compare the playful jokes made towards the greek community in Tsalta's article to such a shocking site?)

This website is not owned by you, the government, or the public. If the suddenly decided to copy and paste everything from onto this site, and then ban the IP addresses of anyone that replied to an article in a way that demonstrated any degree of lack of support, they can do so, although I expect the resulting decline in Auburn applicants and Alumni funding should this occur to be considerable. The website is in a way privately owned and thus they reserve the right to freedom of speech (printing an article that makes fun of your hat) and the right to disable your ability to reply to that article on this website.

For example, if I were to open a restaurant, I could, as the manager, say whatever I damn well please in my restaurant, just as I could in my own house (as long as I avoid any kind of harassment lawsuits from my employees). I could also have anyone removed from the premises that I deemed harmful to my business, for example if a women approached a man dressed in military attire in my restaurant and began to speak her mind to him about her dislike of the military, I could demand that she stop or have her removed from my restaurant. Is this wrong, have I acted "unconstitutionally?" Should I be forced to allow conduct which I deem inappropriate to continue on my own property, all in the name of freedom?

"Not to mention, there is no limitation in the United States constitution that says an individual may say whatever they want, but a group’s opinion should be strictly LIMITED" -I never said this and in fact "came close" to saying the opposite (I do not believe this situation is even close to being a human rights issue.) The fact that Tsalta's article addressed a community (along with its gentle nature) means that it is far less likely to be viewed as verbal harassment than a message from one individual to another encouraging suicide.

So if you will, please find the constitutional documentation that protects your right to enter private property and begin screaming at the top of your lungs that everyone else in the establishment sucks and should die. This is, in essence, a similar situation. Yes, Auburn University receives state funding, but it is still a business and is a face for this business. If they don't want people to act like a jackass on this website and disgrace Auburn as a whole on their own website, too damn bad. This is a wonderful school with a wonderful student body, and it is a pity that a few emotional kids abused the privileges granted by The Plainsman to make personal attacks against an editor, making us look bad in the process.

"community’s right to actively respond." -What exactly does this mean? Appropriate active response would be something to the effect of a member of the greek community and plainsman writing a counter-article highlighting the positive experiences of greek life, or even poking fun at non-greeks. Hell, you can even hold up a sign somewhere saying "Tsalta is jealous of my super hot leggings!" or write her some hate mail. I regret to inform you, however, that utilizing a university facility ( to verbally harass or threaten the editor, is not and should not be anyone's "right." is not a branch of the federal government and it is not a public forum for highschoolers to gang up on the guy they don't like, even if that guy might say some mean things to you first.

None of this would even be up for discussion had the replies remained to the effect of "I think this article went a step too far," but they didn't, they progressed to whiny, childish personal attacks against the editor. I am not arguing that the printing of an unpopular article should not warrant negative feedback. If you don't like an article or you think it reflects badly on Auburn, and people agree with you, I am positive that The Plainsman will hear about it and will consider the negative feedback, and I guarantee that the reaction to the article has already been discussed internally. But nobody wants to read "Go jump off of a building." Seriously, that shit is garbage, gap that English class and re-take it so that you can actually express your opinion like a 20 year old.

If you disagree with me, and think that your right to free speech has been trampled by The Plainsman because a single comment section was closed to prevent insecure children from utilizing the website to trash talk each other, why don't you get a lawyer? See how far you get and report back, I am interested to know. I could be very wrong and this could be a complete abomination of everything that America stands for.