The Worst Place to Buy Gold Bullion Coins?
by Charliesoma
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I am going to catch a lot of flak for writing this short article, but I really want to prevent first time gold bullion coin buyers from being ripped off... often by their own Governments.What your Government might rip you off? Ok, you cynical lot, stop smiling!You see, one of the worst places you can buy a gold bullion coin from... is direct from the National Mint.You will have seen adverts for your National mint- often in newspapers and definitely online. Nice glossy adverts... expensive adverts... adverts you will be paying for with a huge premium over the true value of the coins!Now, a few words in defense of National mints: They do, for the most part a wonderful job of introducing new coins. And, as their adverts suggest, if you buy directly from them, you will definitely get what you anticipate.A one ounce gold bullion coin will definitely be a one ounce gold bullion coin.But at what price?You will pay considerably over the odds for your beautiful gold bullion coin. How much above?Well I've seen adverts where National mints charge 30-40% MORE, for the same coin, than you would get charged if you walked into any coin-bullion dealers in the Country.


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