Editorial: Hazing should be treated individually
Clemson University disbanded 24 fraternities on campus after a sophomore died while with his fraternity brothers. According to CNN.com, Tucker Hipps, 19, went on a run with his fraternity brothers ...
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Editorial: Class times are scheduled with purpose
Class schedules, when done correctly, are planned and organized well before the semester starts. Some students commute an hour or more to and from classes and have chosen their schedules based on d...
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Editorial: Disconnecting in order to connect
The increase in technology has led to a decrease in social skills. This generation faces the unique situation of having limitless information available at all times with a stroke of a fingertip. We...
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Editorial: Put your hands up for game day changes
Jordan-Hare has always been a special place. During football season, it’s the heart of the raw energy that is the Auburn spirit. Even after the season ends, students look to the stadium as an integ...
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Editorial: Burned by the court of public opinion
In 2009, a photo of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps smoking a bong caused him to lose a sponsorship from Kellogg’s. He was also suspended from USA Swimming for three months. The year before, he won ...
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Editorial: Ferguson, a lesson in history
On Monday, Aug. 26, Michael Brown was laid to rest. Since then, Ferguson, Missouri has been quiet. Although media attention has started to shift from the troubled town, the wounds caused by Brown’s...
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Editorial: SGA puts the brakes on security
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Until this semester, the Security Shuttle was the safest way to travel on campus and to downtown. Anyone who needed a safe ride on campus could count on the shuttle to get them home. Unfortunately,...
Editorial: Dress codes are not created equal
by Ashtyne Cole | Community Editor
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Clothing choice is a statement. What you wear speaks volumes about who you are as a person. It depicts what you like, dislike and how you show yourself to the public. College is the time when young...
Editorial: Seeking professional help is healthy
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Everyone endures periods of emotional distress. Grief isn’t the kind of thing that goes away after a fun weekend out with friends. Everyone will, at some point, feel heartbroken or lethargic. Most ...
Editorial: Got four? No, but Auburn should
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Topic: Claiming past football national championships Viewpoint: Auburn should officially claim the 1913 and 1983 national championships
Editorial: Opposing opinions on responding to the bomb threat
by Jordan Hays | Copy Editor and Becky Hardy | Editor-in-Chief
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Two editors show their opinion on whether classes should have been canceled for the threat.
Editorial: The right to an unfair and speedy trial
by Kelsey Davis | Editor-in-Chief
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The story that ran on our front page is not about proving who is innocent and who is guilty. The purpose of this editorial is to take a look at the University’s justice system and report what we fo...
Editorial: Class model makes English history
by Jordan Hays | Copy Editor
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In 1994, the Alabama Council of Higher Education passed a statewide articulation agreement, which built partnerships between community colleges and universities, requiring all core credits transfer...
Editorial: The Renaissance of Auburn Athletics
by Jordan Hays | Copy Editor
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We printed two editorials about Jay Jacobs last year calling for Jacobs to be fired. We felt justified in our opinion, and we still feel it was the right call at the time. His decisions were an emb...
Editorial: Uninformed in the information age
by Jordan Hays | Copy Editor
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Awareness is everything. It keeps us on track, ensures we know when our exams are, gets us to class on time and prevents us from getting hit by cars when we cross the street. Most everyone would sa...
Editorial: Gogue spares students from statistics
by Jordan Hays | Copy Editor
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It’s easy to see when someone isn’t being transparent. Auburn President Jay Gogue gave his second annual State of the University address Thursday, Feb. 20. According to Gogue, the Auburn University...