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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: When you don't choose to be homeless
In the Oct. 30 edition of The Plainsman, Becky Hardy, editor-in-chief, profiled Patton Chambers, a student who is “homeless by choice.” From my understanding of the article, Chambers relies entirel...
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Simple request from a Rhode Island seventh grader
I'm writing to you to say hello from the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island. I am a seventh grade student at Goff Junior High School in Pawtucket, RI.
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Response to Emma Watson
Main idea: Though I agree with Emma Watson, a certain understanding of feminism can lead to a breakdown of the wait ‘til marriage before having sex rule, which hurts our ability to have a long-term...
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lessons have been learned
One thing we pride ourselves in as a University and a student body is being the “Auburn Family.” With that in mind, it’s sad to see how The Plainsman has abused their voice as the major media outle...
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Be aggressive, but be fair
I am writing in response to the SGA case published in the 10/23 edition. I went back to read the original editorial that this whole thing is centered around, about the new Security Shuttle system, ...
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Response to "Active Minds raise awareness for mental health" article
I believe it both unethical and irresponsible to cooperate with anyone directing a “stigma.” I learned that lesson from the Women’s Movement. Though it may not be the intent of the person suggestin...
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Letter to the Editor: Response to Clemson hazing editorial
by Robin Denny
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Greek life is an integral part of Clemson University and the Clemson experience for students and the campus community.
LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Reporting the news Auburn needs to know
by Becky Hardy | Editor-in-Chief
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A new year brings new beginnings. It’s the beginning of classes, beginning of football season and, for some, the beginning of whole new chapter in their lives.
LETTER: Welcome back from University Provost Timothy Boosinger
by Timothy Boosinger
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While I hope the summer months offered you an opportunity to take a break from academic rigors, I’d like to share a few thoughts to help start your semester off on the right track:
LETTER: Welcome back from 2014-15 SGA President Logan Powell
by Logan Powell
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This summer was a productive time for our team – we have worked to create a comprehensive feedback system to hear your concerns in all areas of campus life, to organize a more efficient late night ...
Letter to the editor: My tribute to Philip Lutzenkirchen
by Brandt McDonald
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For the past 6 months Phil worked for me as a financial advisor trainee. During that time, I got to know him on a deep level as we often discussed life, his faith, and his career. I have read all t...
Letter to the Editor: Respect the shakers?
Sep 16, 2013 | 2 2 comments | 605 605 recommendations | email to a friend
It is clear that Auburn fans are extremely loyal, regardless if their team is succeeding or viciously fighting for a win.
Letter to the Editor: Two disappointing things the student section does
by R. Jason Valentine / Alumnus '97
Sep 16, 2013 | 1 1 comments | 601 601 recommendations | email to a friend
I've been disappointed that the student section has taken up saying "sucks" after every visiting player is introduced, especially for the smaller visiting schools.
Letter to the Editor: Education: The Key to Fighting Bigotry and Discrimination
by Richard Penaskovic, Professor of Religious Studies
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In the most recent issue of The Plainsman (9/5/13) a graduate student writes how she and her family and friends “were subject to harassment, taunting, and provocation by fans in the student section...
Letter to the Editor: Plainsman’s views on smoking misguided
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The Plainsman’s unfortunate and misinformed editorial last week referring to the recently implemented smoking ban as “prejudice” shows the editorial board’s dearth of scientific knowledge related t...
Letter to the Editor: Jordan-Hare home to football, bigotry
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Dear the-person-in-charge of Jordan-Hare Stadium, I am writing this letter to request seating in the stadium for future football games where I will be free from sexist, racist, homophobic and anti-...