His view: men’s fashion lacking on Auburn’s campus
by Jordan Jemison / WRITER
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(Courtesy of Jordan Jemison)
(Courtesy of Jordan Jemison)
I feel trapped in a world of basics. Basic shoes, basic shirts, basic pants and a very basic man. And unfortunately here in Auburn, “basic” is a status quo rooted deeper than the Toomer’s Oaks.

It’s not uncommon to see the throngs of pastel and khaki short shorts, Patagonia tees and Chaco sandals litter the pavement of the Concourse during class change. Nor is it unheard of being bombarded by visors, dashes of camo and oversized North Face backpacks.

I won’t pretend to be okay with it. Sure, personal style is always welcomed. However, in my eyes two things are missing here on the Plains: “personal” and “style.”

As an apparel design major who is very knowledgeable of the constantly changing fashion industry, I know a thing or two, or three, about style. Also, as a man who has a deep connection with fashion, far deeper than the simple aesthetics, I know even more about it being personal.

I feel as though the demands of Auburn fashion are like that of a uniform. Keep it simple, masculine, make sure it’s just like everybody else’s and don’t draw attention to yourself.

The idea of wearing something remotely different, and in this case that means fashionable, is like a taboo.

Fortunately a taboo can be broken. It can be broken in a way that keeps the simple Auburn man out of the basics while keeping him comfortable, more or less. For example, when deciding the look for the day, switch things up. It’s not hard; not even for the stylistically challenged.

The next time that Patagonia T-shirt can’t stop calling, shut it up by replacing it with a button-down and leave it untucked.

Don’t touch that visor, and instead of the Chacos, pair it with a nice pair of loafers. Feel free to have at it with a pair of chino shorts too. And, if showing leg isn’t on the agenda for the day, a pair of nicely fitted jeans or a tailored khaki works just as well. And always cuff the bottom.

This is a way of styling that is simple, easy and keeps the fashion forward but subtle. Also, with fall in full force, or full force as far as Southern standards go, the weather can be a bit indecisive some days.

So when it randomly gets cold out, like it loves to do on an unpredictable regular day here, add a nice piece of outerwear. I would opt for a black or gray puffer vest from Gap or Express.

Either way have fun with it, and don’t take it too seriously, guys.

It’s basic fashion.
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February 21, 2013
Sorry we dress normal and not like a hipster loser.

Appropriate daytime attire:

Tshirt or a button down (BrooksBros, Southen Tide, etc)

PFG shorts, Levi's, or Khakis

Cole Hahn shoes or boots

If you don't like it, you don't have to live in the south and you can stick out like a sore thumb.

November 18, 2012
Dan Patrick I think you completely missed the point of the article. You're talking to the regular Auburn guy. Not the fashion trained New York hipster. Fashion is something that will change here but it must be done at a pace most men can take. He can't tell them to go out and rock a leopard print blazer or a pair ridiculous sneakers. Guys here aren't Kanye or Bieber and would never dress like them. I think the advice was completely appropriate! He kept it different but different enough for an Auburn guy to swallow and not feel like they are losing their masculinity.
November 11, 2012
Great sentiment up until the point where you start giving advice on what should be worn. Your solution for shaking up the status quo and thwarting decades of culturally-induced conformism is to throw on an untucked button-down shirt and loafers? What's that you say? CHINO shorts too? Hold on to your hats, the style train just departed for Crazy Town!

10-to-1 odds, any Auburn male that reads this and cares to heed your advice (they won't) will choose a plaid button-down shirt from American Eagle or a pastel fishing shirt with the same loafers that all of the other Frat Lemmings wear.