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A spirit that is not afraid


The State Press

Discovering the 'Auburn Family'

It is days like last Thursday that make me proud to be an Auburn Tiger.I was watching the Braves- Padres game and was about to turn it off when I heard one of the announcers start to talk about SEC football.He mentioned that the SEC should once again have a great football year and that there will be a lot of excitement surrounding the conference.He then continued to say he had never been to an SEC football game and that he should probably go to see the Gators, LSU, Georgia or possibly even Ole Miss.After a short silence the other announcer said, "One word for you: Auburn!"He went on to mention that Auburn football is unlike any other SEC football Saturday.The people are friendly and you immediately feel at home, he said.Everyone respects the team and the work they do and, although winning is important, everyone has a good time either way.This was evident when even though Auburn went 5-7, we still sold out every game.Since a lot of fans already show up on Wednesdays for the game, I realized how much time people will spend in Auburn because they arrive on Wednesday, leave on Sunday and are back the next Wednesday.It is amazing that everywhere I go in the United States, when I tell people I go to Auburn, they always say how great of a school it is, how friendly the people are or how pretty the campus is, which could not be more true.There are times when I decide to walk home instead of take the bus because I never get enough of seeing the campus, hoping I have the chance to pass by Samford Hall and hear the fight song play at noon.I absolutely love seeing people just throw a frisbee around, or seeing people just lay out on the grass enjoying a beautiful day.On days like those, you realize the love that people have for this team and this school is absolutely amazing.I am originally from the Netherlands and there is no place even close to an Auburn.People there are nowhere near as friendly and the atmosphere is more gloomy because the country is so densely populated.Most students in the Netherlands will continue to live at home during their college studies and the freedom is limited.If you want to get involved in something, it's simple: get a job.

The Auburn Plainsman

Semester Looking Up on Campus, Outside Life

New year at Auburn, and I must say I am pleased with how this year is looking.This weekend is the first football game, and I am getting my new apartment ready for cooking out and a couple of brewskies before the game with all my close friends.I am going to say with Lousiana Tech, there is a W in the sack.

The Auburn Plainsman

PED Accusations Cheapen Sports

Today's athletes are bigger, faster and stronger than the athletes that preceded them. Athletes today, however, must cope with the witch hunt that some have labeled as the "Steroid Age."The athletes that have been caught using Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) have tainted the world of professional sports in recent years.In the 1990s when we were growing up, there were a few cases of PED use, but it was nowhere near the magnitude that we see now.The PED use is most seen in Major League Baseball.

The Auburn Plainsman

Music Lovers Weather Bonnaroo

Full days in the scorching sun, a dinner of crackers and Vienna sausages, dingy portable potties and crowds of sweaty people sporting paint instead of clothes.Never before have I traveled to Bonnaroo, but from speaking with veterans, I know I will experience these things during my weekend in Manchester, Tenn.But if my friends can conquer 'the 'Roo,' then I can too.Yes, there are some unpleasant things about attending Bonnaroo, but as everyone says "it's just part of the experience," and so I keep telling myself that.All in all, I expect a trip that will blow my mind, whether it's because I will be rocking out, or simply standing in awe, in front of some incredibly inspiring bands.I will thrash wildly and maybe even forget who I am at The Mars Volta show.I plan to cry and blow kisses at the funky David Byrne.I'll probably jump and yell until I'm completely beat while the Yeah Yeah Yeahs rock out.I'll dance and groove to Snoop Dogg, but no doubt dart if he looks my way, for although Snoop is talented, he's super scary.This is just a sample of the amazing music that'll enter my ears and stay in my memory forever, and I can't entirely wrap my mind around the idea of hearing it all so live and raw.One thing I'm particularly excited about is getting to watch everyone else groove.Observing people, especially when they don't think anyone else is watching, has always been amusing to me.Some may think this is creepy, but I just excuse it as part of my career as a journalist to observe and describe.But back to my point: watching an audience during a concert is a whirlwind of fun, and I feel it proves the point that music is the greatest and most moving form of art.Picture a bundle of people at an art gallery bouncing up and down and screaming in front of a painting they find beautiful.That image is just silly.Picture a man swaying back and forth wearing the face of his favorite author on a T-shirt while reading poetry.A little extreme, huh?I'm not saying these art forms aren't moving, because they are, but there is just something about the sound of music that makes everyone forget the world for an hour, share an understanding and dance on common ground.So if you're heading to Bonnaroo this weekend maybe I'll see you there, but probably not.My message to my fellow concert goers is to be safe, don't get arrested and, please, don't die.

The Auburn Plainsman

Weddings Make Me Cry

This weekend will be awesome. I'm not going to the 'Roo like Allison, whose column is below, but I will be going to Montgomery.I will be visiting the Capital City to visit one of my closest Auburn friends and her fiancee.