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A spirit that is not afraid


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EDITORIAL | 2020 is the year of all years to vote

EDITORIAL | The civic duty for each of us to show up to the polls is important in every election cycle, but with everything circulating in this disorienting time we find ourselves in, we must prioritize showing up to the voting site today — or voting in whatever form 2020 calls for.

Solar Panel

OPINION | Let's discuss climate change

Instead of fossil fuels, we should switch to clean, renewable energy, such as solar and wind power — with storage. Other states in the southeast are taking positive steps. I am unaware of similar actions in Alabama. We need discussion, planning and action without delay.  

The Auburn Plainsman

Auburn Family needs to take better care of those with autism

All families cannot afford to have an in-house parent or afford to pay the costs of hiring a nanny. But, that does not make them any less deserving of help and resources. We need to step up as a community and not just become aware, but be active in raising children of all backgrounds and abilities, including those who have autism and other special needs.


OPINION | Americans cannot continue to be deceived by Trump’s divisive rhetoric

Americans cannot let a president who so willingly and frequently lies to the public decide for them. The public must realize that to get all sides of the story Americans must pay attention to what long-standing news sources are reporting so that we can receive the entire story and decide for ourselves what policy is most beneficial to this country and the citizens within it.