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A spirit that is not afraid


Editorial Submissions (official)

OPINION: Tis the season for caring, but not sharing

After the spook and magic of Halloween has passed, the season dedicated to thankfulness and charity presents itself. November and December are holidays sacred to the American spirit. Thanksgiving provides a time for everyone to come together and realize how much there is to be thankful for. Christmas fills the streets with joyous carols and special gifts, and knick-knacks are bought to show loved ones how much they mean to them. But what about those who are not as fortunate?

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OPINION: Post-Halloween existential crisis

As kids, playing house was a game that seemed to be popular among my generation. We struggled to impersonate adults and exaggerated the idea of children. We would play as we waited for our real parents to come around, so we could go back to being real children. Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Barbies, whatever the preference, allowed us real children to drift back into the world of make-believe as we became our toys and favorite TV show characters.

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OPINION: Issues with on-campus dining

On-campus dining -- what an awful experience. Last year as a freshman, I was looking at my $995, often referred to as monopoly money, wondering how quickly I'd use it over the semester. So I did my math and came up with a budget of about nine dollars a day. Well, as I quickly found out, that wasn't going to last.

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OPINION: Halloween is not for judging women

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love zombies. I love candy corn. It falls during what might be the most pleasant-weathered month of the calendar year, and it gives me a reason to buy the obscene amounts of fake blood I pine for the other 365 days.

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OPINION: One is not the loneliest number

You won't learn your most important rhyme in nursery school. Ring before spring is the gold standard for many college men and women. There is a massive push to be married by the time the college years are over. People seem to be getting engaged left and right. Slow down, everyone.

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OPINION: It's OK to hate the Auburn bar scene

On any given weekend, I'd much rather spend my nights eating cereal on my couch and binging on my latest Netflix addiction. In those moments, the thought of going downtown to drink repulses me on a level similar to going to the dentist. But that's what people in this town do.

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OPINION: No huddle, no chance

Let's not kid ourselves. Pace of play in college football is a real problem. Well it's a real problem in the eyes of Nick Saban and Bret Bielema. But that, in turn, is the real problem with the problem -- two highly paid head coaches are trying to change the rules in order to send a message to the up-tempo offenses that gives them headaches.

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OPINION: Challenging Special K

Ready to feel great about yourself? Special K is here to help. The sugary-sweet pressed corn cereal has been running The Special K Challenge commercials since 2008, promising women they'll drop six pounds or one jean size in two weeks.

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OPINION: Dear feminists, the time has come

I'm a feminist. I'm also a masculinist. Most accurately, I'm a peopleist. I'm not the first person to coin the term "peopleism," and I'm not the first to share its ideals, but it constantly surprises me how much we let gender get in the way of real things happening.

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OPINION: Love in the time of technology

I've been cute-couple kicking for at least a decade now. I don't remember when my aversion to cute couples began, but something about the blissful titters, amorously glazed eyes and surreptitiously flexed biceps has always driven me bonkers. Luckily, I discovered a few flinty kicks on the back of a flirty couple's seat was usually enough to snap a couple out of their amorous trance.