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The State Press

Developer to Build 'Convenient' Parking Deck

The main complaint of students with the beginning of each school year continues to be parking on campus. As Auburn's campus progresses with the new dorms and new coliseum, parking decreases.The University does provide some parking and operates on a successful transit system, but one group of investors wants to simplify it further.The businessmen of Donald H. Allen Development Inc. have decided to provide another option for students and faculty to fix this growing problem.

Rod Guajardo/Photo Editor

New Beers Debut in Auburn Restaurants

The Gourmet Beer Bill that passed in May 2009 raised the alcohol by volume restriction from 6 percent to 13.9 percent so high gravity beers can be sold in convenience stores, liquor stores and bars.However, Free the Hops, the organization that was so instrumental in getting the bill passed, is now looking to tackle Alabama's restrictions on container size, brewery location and beer distribution.Free The Hops: Alabamians For Specialty Beer is a non-profit organization aimed at bringing quality beers to Alabama.FTH began in 2004 by Alabamians not involved in the alcohol industry.

The Auburn Plainsman

Special Olympics Pushes Its Campaign to End the "R-Word"

"That's retarded."It's such a commonly-used phrase that most people don't even notice how often they use it.But, what some people may not realize is those words can adversely affect others.This past March, the Special Olympics began an international "Spread the word to end the word" campaign to raise awareness "of the impact of the thoughtless, hurtful use of the word 'retard,'" said the campaign's Web site."The campaign's goal is to help change attitudes across the nation about special Olympians, and also those with special needs," said Allison Hall, director of the Lee County Special Olympics program.

The Auburn Plainsman

Health Care Changes for Students

Some college students are likely to be impacted by President Barack Obama's new health care plan.Full-time students who are 26 years old and younger will be covered under the new health care insurance policy.According to CNN's Truth Squad, young adults in low-income families lose Medicaid when they turn 19.In the House and Senate proposals, people in their 20s could also receive Medicaid.The Affordable Health Choices Act, passed by the Senate's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee allows coverage for students under their parents' private insurance policies up to age 26.The Obama administration's health care overhaul, consists of proposals that would provide coverage for full-time students who, under current laws, would be dropped from their parents' insurance plans at 25."A benefit of Obama's proposed health care plan is that it provides regular checkups, up-to-date vaccinations and diabetes regulation," said Dr. Frederick Kam, director of the Auburn University Medical Clinic."I have been in business for a while, and I sell health care insurance to maybe four or five students a month," said Jerry Powell, an independent insurance agent.

The Auburn Plainsman

More Women Being Arrested for Driving While Drunk

For years women have been criticized and stereotyped for their alleged poor driving skills.Now in response to a Labor Day law enforcement campaign, a new study shows the number of DUIs given to women have increased by 30 percent over the past decade.According to the campaign "Over the Limit, Under Arrest," driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is one of the most common, and deadliest, offenses.CNN reports that, even though men still out-number women 4-to-1 when it comes to arrests for driving while under the influence, the increase in women's DUI arrests has skyrocketed over the past decade by 30 percent.The Alabama DUI laws consider someone driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent or more as breaking the law.

The Auburn Plainsman

230 mpg: GM's Volt Shockingly Fuel Efficient

Two hundred thirty miles per gallon. No, that is not a typo.Hybrid technology may be coming out as a strong alternative to cars powered solely by gas, but some are looking in a new direction.General Motors has been working on a extended-range electric vehicle named 'Volt,' which will appear as part of the Chevrolet line.What makes the Volt unusual is its electric motor which directly propels the vehicle, and the secondary gas engine which serves as a generator to charge the battery.This allows the Volt to succeed where previous electric cars have failed, as the gas generator will allow the car to travel far beyond the battery's range.According to the Volt's Web site, under the Environmental Protection Agency's current hybrid fuel efficiency ratings the Volt will get an estimated 230 miles per gallon.

The Auburn Plainsman

Conservative budget allows expanding city projects

The Auburn City Council held its Mid-Biennium Budget Review on August 12 to amend the original 2009-2010 budget, and plan for future spending. Charles Duggan , Auburn city manager, discussed that despite the nation's weak economy Auburn has fared well in comparison to other small cities. This in part to a conservative budget, and the stabilizing prescience of Auburn Un

Downtown's Parking Meters Off Until Class Starts

Those heading downtown this week to drown their sorrows over the end of summer have a least one thing to celebrate--they don't need to worry about scrounging quarters for parking.The City has put those pesky, gray coin gobblers that contribute to the City's General Fund, paying for things like schools, public services and infrastructure, out of commission until Monday the 17th.

AU missing student returns home

Auburn University student Michael Harrie, missing since July 16 in Thailand, has been found and is on his way home."The University was notified by Harrie's parents that investigators learned from Thailand immigration that Harrie had exited the country," said Chance Corbett, associate director of emergency management.Corbett said the University has been working with the Harrie family and will continue to help them until everything is figured out."We are here to help the parents and family in any way that we can," Corbett said.Harrie was supposed to meet his parents in Tokyo July 16 after going on a sight-seeing trip to Bangkok, Thailand.Thailand immigration authorities reported that Harrie left July 29 en route to the United States.His parents have been in California since their trip to Tokyo waiting for the 29-year-old southern California native's return.

The Auburn Plainsman

Auburn Student Michael Harrie Missing in Thailand

AU NEWS (NEWS RELEASE)Parents of Auburn University student Michael Griffin Harrie, who went missing during a study abroad trip to Japan are asking for the public's help in locating him.Harrie, a student in the College of Veterinary Medicine, was last seen in Thailand on July 14.Harrie, a 29-year-old native of Southern California, was participating in a study abroad program at Iwate University in Morioka, Japan.

The Auburn Plainsman

Auburn Educators Talk About New Teacher Code of Ethics

The Alabama Legislature is working to enforce a new code of ethics for educators and cracking down on the inappropriate behaviors found in schools.The new code of ethics contains provisions regarding conduct standards for teachers, unlawful acts and maintenance of student confidentiality.According to the new code of ethics, teachers can be disciplined if they engage in behaviors such as using inappropriate language on school grounds, failing to provide adequate supervision to students and exposing students to unnecessary embarrassment."The code protects the health, safety and general welfare of students and educators; outlines objective standards of conduct for professional educators; and clearly defines actions of an unethical nature for which disciplinary sanctions are justified," reads the code's introductory text."I support the Alabama Education Association (AEA), but (the new code) could be abused," said Jason Wright, principal of Auburn Junior High School.