Abigail Murphy | Lifestyle Writer


Auburn offers versatility in biking

There are two main types of biking, said Chandler Purtle, department manager at Mountain High Outfitters, allowing bikers to choose the activity they want.

The meaning behind Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is the feast before the fast, said William Skoneki, pastor at Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic Church.It is the celebration before the season of Lent, which is itself a preparation for Easter, Skoneki said.

The philosophy behind a documentary

If there’s curiosity about any topic, there’s probably a documentary out there ready to give an answer. However, like a work of art or piece of writing, there’s more to documentaries than the finished product.

Sleep expert shares tips on better, healthier sleep

With the stress of mid-terms, it can be easy to toss and turn at night and have a hard time falling asleep, but Shashi Sharma, sleep specialist at East Alabama Medical Center, pointed out sleep is vital before taking exams.