Auburn prepares for dance marathon


Auburn University's Dance Marathon is a yearlong fundraiser to benefitting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Children's Hospital at Midtown Medical Center at Columbus Regional Health is Auburn's campus fundraising recipient.
AUDM's fundraising efforts culminate in a 12-hour event each February.
AUDM will feature 15 specific families with children that have faced or are currently facing life-threatening conditions. These families will be in attendance to discuss their situation and thank the organization for their efforts.
Auburn students involved in the fundraising event will dance for 12 hours. During the event, sitting down is not allowed.
To register for the event, students must go online and pay a registration fee of $25. They are then placed into a color team. Registering requires the student to set a fundraising goal of a suggested $75 minimum.
The color teams will be a "family" group. Students will dance and eat with throughout the 12-hour dance marathon, according to the AUDM website. Being a part of a color team is not required; students are also able to register alone or with a group of friends.
This is AUDM's fourth year of operations. Last year, the organization raised a total of $176,589.65.
The event will be held Saturday, February 7, in the Auburn Student Center from 10a.m.-10p.m.

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