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A spirit that is not afraid


The Auburn Plainsman

Suite 1111 | Kyle Clinkscales

 With recent findings in the case of Kyle Clinkscales, members of The Plainsman dive into the history of his story and how they come into play in the newest discoveries. SOURCES TO LEARN MORE:…nd-in-creek/…sman/id/2462/…reek-7149337.html 

The Auburn Plainsman

Page 8 | The First Pitch

 Members of The Plainsman are joined by Auburn Baseball Assistant Coach, Gabe Gross, and sports writer, Caitlyn Griffin, on the start of baseball season and how the team can grow and execute a successful team dynamic. 

The Auburn Plainsman

Reels Review | Room to Grow

 This is the inaugural episode of the Plainsman’s new podcast called Reels Review. Donavan Weaver and Jac Myrick are your host and discuss the recently released MCU film, Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania. They dive deep into the movie’s visuals, dialogue, character usage and tones. SPOILER WARNING: at the 4:25 mark is when the spoilers begin. 

The Auburn Plainsman

Page 8 | From a Psychology Standpoint

 To excel on court or the field, student-athletes need to remember to take care of their mental health. Playing under high pressure along with being in the classroom can take a toll on these athletes mentally, which many fans may seem to forget. Auburn sports psychologist, Jackson Howard, dives into the importance and connection between mental and physical health. 

The Auburn Plainsman

Suite 1111 | What Can I Do In Liberal Arts?

 A lot of misconceptions can come from obtaining a liberal arts degree. Members of The Auburn Plainsman discuss their plans after graduating in the College of Liberal Arts and hear from Auburn's CLA student services on resources.  The Auburn Plainsman · Suite 1111 | What Can I Do In Liberal ...