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Correction for "Student Affairs holds town hall to address sexual assault on campus"

Published on 09/23/2021, Updated on 09/26/2021

If a security shuttle does not arrive, students should call the Campus Safety main line at 334-844-8888. Crime statistics will be published through the Univeristy's Annual Security and Fire Safety Report by Oct. 1.

Correction for "Students return to Toomer's Corner to protest sexual assault on campus"

Published on 09/16/2021, Updated on 09/26/2021

This article previously listed Jordan Chow as an organizer of the protest. The protest's organizers, on behalf of the Sexual Assault Awareness Club, reached out to The Plainsman informing us that Chow was not in a leadership role in SAAC. The article has been updated to remove Chow's description as an organizer of the protest. The Plainsman regrets this error.

Correction for "Auburn's 2022 football schedule released"

Published on 09/21/2021, Updated on 09/23/2021

CORRECTION: The previous version of this article stated that Auburn's BYE week was Nov. 5, 2022. The correct BYE week is Oct. 22, 2022.

Correction for "Auburn develops Raise The Bar program "

Published on 09/21/2021, Updated on 09/21/2021

CORRECTION: This article has been updated to correct Emmie Bruderer's position in SGA from senate executive director to director of Health and Wellness.

Correction for "Bass fishing club reels in attention"

Published on 09/12/2021, Updated on 09/12/2021

CORRECTION: The Instagram headline previously posted for this piece appeared to be misleading. The Auburn Bass Fishing Club has not yet won the overall national title. Their achievements were accomplished at the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series. The Plainsman regrets this error.

Correction for "Batter Cookie Dough set to join Midtown"

Published on 09/02/2021, Updated on 09/02/2021

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story used the maiden name of Heather Brown instead of her married name. The Plainsman regrets this error.

Correction for "City schools seek face-to-face fall amid higher enrollment"

Published on 08/19/2021, Updated on 08/19/2021

Auburn City Schools began its first day of classes on Aug. 10, not Aug. 9, as was stated in a previous version of the story. As such, the district's COVID-19 update on positive cases covered Aug. 10-13, not Aug. 9-13 as previously stated.