3/2/2020, 12:38pm

EDITORIAL: Auburn should raise the City Council's salary

Even though it’s less than that of the mayor’s, it still could potentially produce an increase in diversity in the applicant pool. These proposed salary increases have the power to relieve elected officials economic stress of balancing a full-time job and focusing on city government. 

3/2/2020, 12:35pm

Letter to the Editor: Auburn should further condemn the xenophobia

There is no place for this in any institution of higher education and certainly not Auburn. Auburn enjoys its reputation as “the loveliest village on the plains,” and that’s not by accident or without strong institutional respect for others. 

2/8/2020, 9:00am

COLUMN: The student line for the Kentucky game was a disaster.

This past Saturday’s game between the No. 17 Auburn Tigers and the No. 13 Kentucky Wildcats was one of the most highly anticipated games in the history of Auburn basketball. With College GameDay coming to Auburn for the first time in the program’s history, the hype surrounding this game reached another level entirely. While the game itself lived up to the hype, the 12-15 hours that some fans experienced before the game did not come close.

12/13/2019, 12:26pm

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Inclusiveness is not your enemy

As encouraging as it is to see others standing up against harmful language and ideology, it is also still disheartening to know that their request for inclusion is taken by some as stifling to diversity of thought. Inclusiveness only asks that we foster ideas that are constructive for everyone, eschewing those ideologies that reinforce uncomfortable, harmful environments for the marginalized.