LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SGA encourages involvement and communication


A former member of SGA once told me something that I found bold and exceedingly true. Hunter Gibson, former Executive Vice President of Programs, said, “freshmen are the bravest people I know.” These words might have seemed minuscule to most, but when said to me, my freshmen year, they meant a great deal. As most progress through college, they forget how terrifying it is to step onto a new campus, into a new life, and to do so blindly.

From the moment I stepped onto Auburn’s campus, I knew that I had found my home. It seemed only natural to want to make my home a better place to live, so I thought the best way to do that would be through the Student Government Association. Unaware I could begin my service to Auburn as a freshman, I dismissed the notion of joining SGA. However, I soon learned from a new friend that I could get involved with SGA in my first year through a program called Freshman Forum.

This unique opportunity allows approximately forty-five freshmen to serve as representatives of first-year students to the Student Government Association. Through this program, each participant works in a mentorship with a division of SGA gaining hands-on experience in service to our community. Whether that be in Senate, Elections, or even the Miss Auburn University Scholarship Program, freshmen have the opportunity to work in almost any part of SGA.

Forum allows freshmen the opportunity to form friendships with other students that they will be working with throughout the year and develop lasting bonds. All Freshmen Forum members work with SGA throughout the year to execute the organization’s mission of “Serving and promoting the individual student; unifying all that is Auburn.” Freshmen interested in this exciting opportunity to serve Auburn early can apply at aub.ie/forum. Applications close August 30th.

Even if students do not want to commit to being a full-time member of SGA, the organization asks for volunteers at events year round. Many of SGA’s major events cannot be fully staffed by just members, events like Hey Day, filling the student section with shakers prior to every home game, or even sitting on a board or committee. In addition to volunteering, helping to serve Auburn can be as simple as filling out a survey. SGA is always in search of student feedback that can be provided anytime at auburnanswers.org or specifically asked for through surveys distributed randomly. The opportunities to serve in SGA are endless no matter the time of year or your position on campus.

To anyone reading this, I speak on behalf of the more than one-hundred members of the Student Government Association in saying that I hope you will consider joining us in our mission to make Auburn a better place. Freshmen, you have an incredible journey ahead of you that is impossible to completely comprehend quite yet. You are now a part of something much bigger than yourself — the Auburn family. I truly hope you find your place on the Plains and that SGA can help make your coming years at Auburn some of the best of your life.

This letter to the editor was submitted by Jacob Sparks, sophomore in business, who serves as SGA’s director of print media.

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