Passionate about Pumpkins: Incorporate the trend this fall


Although the weather may suggest otherwise, fall is officially here. Epitomizing the season, pumpkins seemingly come out of nowhere and into our lives as soon as the leaves start to turn.

Although the famous Starbucks drink gains most of the attention, there are many other ways to incorporate pumpkin into your life beyond your morning coffee.

Welcoming in the coziest month that is October, here are a few ways you can utilize the spice that takes tradition a little further. With these tips you’ll be a pumpkin pro by the end of the season.

Pumpkin to perfect the skin

With DIY beauty trends becoming all the rage, pumpkin seeds provide benefits that go far beyond adding flavor to a dish. Pumpkin seed oil is a rich supplier of vitamin E, zinc, omega 3 and other antioxidants.

Proving to be a good product in the journey to healthy, glowing skin despite the temperature drop around the corner. Homemade pumpkin face masks, sugar scrubs and lotions are simple ways to save money and use natural ingredients that are both environmentally friendly and better for your body overall.

Lush’s pumpkin spice bath bomb is another beauty buy to splurge on in the season that incorporates the scent and its healthy skin offerings.

All great options to use pumpkins as more than just a decoration and receive lasting benefits for your skin.

The quintessential fall scent

Seasonal scented candles have fallen under an umbrella of must-haves for quite some time now, but nothing can sum up the time of year better than the pumpkin scent. Instantly creating a warm and cozy environment in your home, a pumpkin candle is tough to beat.

Ranking among some of my top favorites are Nest’s Pumpkin Chai scent, Bath & Body Works Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow candle — just from the name, what could be better — and the Capri Blue Pumpkin Jar Candle. An easy way to put your fall aesthetic in full swing, a pumpkin scented candle is a must.

Adding pumpkin to every meal

Although pumpkin pie, bread and lattes are the most common ways to integrate the spice into your diet, there are many other options sure to satisfy your craving in a new way.

Pumpkin granola, oatmeal and protein shakes add the flavor, while still staying true to a health-oriented diet.

Other options to satisfy your sweet tooth that veer away from the healthy diet include Pumpkin Spice Oreos, Edy’s limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte ice cream — still wondering why this hasn’t been a thing until this year — and cookie recipes galore. They’re perfect treats to snack on while watching the classics on Freeform’s 13 days of Halloween.

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