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COLUMN | It's never too late to change your major

Change Majors

Being able to say I'm a junior at Auburn University is something I'm proud of.

I graduated from high school not even knowing exactly what I wanted to major in. So to now say that I’m going to graduate with a bachelor's degree in journalism is surreal. 

Although, choosing my major wasn’t the most stress-free thing to do. I came into my freshman year of college preparing to be a lawyer with a declared major in global studies. 

When I visited the university's global studies department, I automatically knew that I wanted to declare it as my major. I believed that this specific major really spoke to who I was trying to become as a person. 

However, when I started exploring different clubs and internships at Auburn, I found a love for broadcast journalism. At the end of my sophomore year, I started pondering the possibility of changing my major.

Debating changing my major was a scary and unsettling feeling. 

It always helps to have someone in your corner rooting for you during challenging times. For me, it was my dad who was helping me navigate through this process. I’ll never forget him calling me one day after class and suggesting that I change my major if I’m really serious about pursuing a career in broadcast television. 

I debated the decision in my mind for a while, until I felt comfortable admitting that journalism was the right major for me. My dad made me feel confident in making this decision because he was calm and did not attempt to control my overall decision. 

It’s never too late to switch your major. Don’t convince yourself that time is not on your side. 

The truth is, everyone goes at different paces when it comes to graduating college. Some students graduate in four years while others graduate in six years. 

Just because a student decides to change their major doesn’t make them less of a student. You should feel proud of yourself for making a change that will make you joyful in the future.

We only have a certain amount of years to live on this earth. I believe that in order to live life to the fullest you should remove the things in your life that don’t feel beneficial. 

According to Big Future, an online college guide, “According to the National Center for Education Statistics, four out of five college students will change their majors at least once. While changing your major could open new opportunities, it's also important to consider the risks of doing so, including the financial impact of adding time to earn a degree.”  

This statistic educates readers on how common it is for students to change their major and it educates readers on the good and bad consequences of changing your major.

Changing your major is a great decision for students who don’t like or feel motivated by their current major. Even though there is a financial risk, the change will be worth it in the end. Don’t be the person that settles for a job they hate. If you do this, you could be at risk of not following your true passion and dreams.

It’s never too late to change your major. Talk to your counselor or advisor about future steps you need to take to ensure a better future, but remember that the only person who should make an ultimate decision about changing majors is yourself. You are the one that is going to hold that degree for a lifetime. 

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