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A spirit that is not afraid


Sami Grace Donnelly in Spain

Adventures Abroad: echar de menos

How does the phrase "I miss you" translate back and forth from English to Spanish? What does "missing" look like while living countries away? Writer abroad Sami Grace Donnelly speaks about her experience "missing" people while she lives outside of the United States. 

Plainsman writer Noah Griffith graduates from Auburn University

COLUMN | Goodbye, Plainsman

One Plainsman writer recounts his experience at the newspaper and all the ways he has grown since his start. As he graduates with a degree in journalism, he thanks everyone who believed in him and the people who read and listened to his words throughout the years. 

Childhood Christmas Graphic

COLUMN | Reclaiming holiday joy as an adult

As a child, this season was the most magical time of the year. Now as adults, the holidays can easily take an emotional toll on us. Even though life changes, we still have the ability to find and to create that same childlike holiday sentiment for ourselves .

Student Athlete Etiquette Graphic

Let's talk about etiquette: Student-athletes

Seeing a student-athlete on campus often feels like spotting a celebrity, but it is important to address them as a student and not just an athlete. Here are some tips on how to improve etiquette for interacting with student-athletes on campus, compiled following conversations with several student-athletes at Auburn. 


COLUMN | The philosophy of ghosting

Ghosting is the quickest way out of any situation, but have you ever wondered where it comes from? Whether you are the victim or the perpetrator, you can learn many lessons about what it means to be human from this online practice. Even though we live in a world permeated by screens, we must consider the internal values that our online behavior conveys. 

COLUMN | Why does Halloween affect people?

COLUMN | Halloween can negatively affect mental health

Halloween is a fun holiday where people explore and experiment with bad, good and disguise. However, this holiday can have extremely negative affects on mental health. It's important to acknowledge the affects of our actions and thoughts when we partake in the All Hallows' Eve festivities.