Aubie Committee Encourages Students to Help Out

The Aubie Committee encourages students to come out and use their creativity to build props and help promote the coolest cat on campus.

"Being involved with Aubie has brought a new sense of the Auburn family to me," said Caitlin Clark, assistant director of Aubie Committee. "We are a close-knit group of students who are absolutely dedicated to the Aubie program; a little Aubie family."

Clark said she enjoys having a close group of friends that all have the same goals for such a beloved and adored tiger and it is rewarding to see the Auburn family enjoy Aubie.

Not only does the committee bring a close group of friends together, it provides a time for students to relax and do something other than study.

"When you are a student and don't get much arts and crafts time, it is fun to just go hang out and paint props at the end of the day," said Lindsey Gillen, assistant director of Aubie productions.

It is a refreshing time to collaborate with classmates and come up with creative ideas for Aubie and bring them to life, Gillen said.

According to the official Aubie Web site, the past four years Aubie has placed in the top three for National UCA ranking, been inducted into the Mascot Hall of Fame and was the 2005- 2007 Capital One All-American Mascot Team.

Although the Aubie Committee is slower during the summer, there is time to start brainstorming creative ideas for the upcoming football season.

"We would love to see some of Auburn's most creative and design-savvy students show up at Aubie Committee on Tuesday nights before each home game," Gillen said.

Gillen said she advises those interested in becoming involved to come with an open mind and willingness to work.

"One great way to help the 'top cat' out this summer is by letting him know about great community service opportunities through the Web site request form," Clark said.

Catherine Hurley, director of Aubie, said her favorite thing about being involved in Aubie Committee is seeing Aubie use the props they painted for games and then seeing people laugh at them.

Aubie always makes sure to bring his sense of humor everywhere he goes, which helps to keep the committee laughing while they build friendships.

"It is so much fun to see how everyone's mood in a room brightens when Aubie walks in," Hurley said.

Clark agrees that Aubie can make any situation funny for people of all ages with his sense of humor.

Gillen said they are looking for more publicity next fall and a Web link that informs people more about what is happening.

Clark said the organization is working on new ideas they have or Aubie this fall.

"We have quite a few things up our sleeve for the fall that we are currently working on," Clark said. "One big improvement is getting fun ideas organized for Aubie's committee as well as making sure Aubie is serving his Auburn family as much as he can through community service."

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