Her view: A few drinks can help take the edge off a loss


Well, Auburn fans, it has been a rough season.
Luckily, we managed to follow through with regular homecoming tradition and racked up points, but overall this season has tested the loyalty of every Tiger fan.
Now that the season is nearing a close, we should be able to put the long line of losses behind us, celebrate our wins and enjoy our game against Georgia.
While that is probably harder for some to do than others, a little liquid courage will help even the most passionate viewer make it through the game.
For all those watching the game from home, or with their singles snuck in through cowboy boots, follow these few drinking rules and it won’t matter who scores.
· Take a shot if Spirit gets lost/runs into anything
· Take a drink when everyone starts a kick off “War Eagle.” Don’t stop until the phrase is finished.
· Take a drink every time you’re about to yell at a ref
· Shotgun a beer every time you miss Lutzenkirchen
· Take a drink every time the TV shows Chizik upset or contemplative
· Take a drink every time Georgia scores
· Take a drink of water every time we score (just to help offset some of the alcohol)
· Take a drink every time we drop the ball
· Take a drink every time Georgia intercepts the ball
· If we do win, stop drinking, get your sober friend who thought you were ridiculous for drinking your way through the Auburn–Georgia game, and have them drive you to Toomer’s Corner to roll the trees.
By the end of the game, you should be forgetting the painful numbers that have stacked up against our family this season.
Despite the odds being against us, I’m still hoping for a stone-cold sober pack of Tigers.

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