Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron to televise engagement and wedding


Katherine Webb, Auburn graduate and Miss Alabama USA 2012, and AJ McCarron, former Alabama quarterback, have decided to tie the knot, after McCarron popped the question earlier this month. Their engagement will be short and wedding plans are already in the process of being made.
The couple has decided to do a reality show throughout the planning of their wedding, leading up to a televised wedding. Laurie Webb, Katherine Webb's sister and junior in public relations, is going to be maid of honor.
"They've already started filming during the proposal," Laurie Webb said. "From what I understood, it came from someone else. I don't think they were trying to get into a reality show, I think they just had the opportunity and decided to take it."
According to Laurie, right now a group of producers are coming together to make the show, but they haven't decided on a network yet.
Alan Webb, Katherine's father, said that they didn't know a reality show would be involved until very recently.
"After that was made known, my wife and I did several interviews," Alan said. "As reality shows go, this would be a wholesome one for sure."
Leslie Webb, Katherine's mother, said networks started contacting them after Katherine was shown on TV at the BCS Championship game, but that her daughter wasn't ready to do a reality show at that time.
Now, with the wedding set for July 11, the couple has decided to do a show.
The family has already started looking at wedding venues and dresses, according to Leslie Webb.
"We just had to get into wedding mode super quick," Leslie said. "She's wanting to keep it in Alabama, but because it's such a short time frame, that might not be an option."
Laurie said that the film crew won't be there every day, but they will be filming Katherine and McCarron on certain days when something interesting is going on, along with members of the wedding party, family and some friends.
They also don't know how many episodes they will have yet.
"They think it's a great opportunity," Laurie said. "They can also have a documentation of special times during their life, which will be kind of cool."
Alan said the film crew has been professional, fun and easy to work with. The crew interviewed Alan and Leslie after the proposal.
"To me, I still have a hard time viewing my daughter as being some type of celebrity," Alan said. "She's just still my daughter, but having it televised, it probably would work well for the fact that both she and AJ are known to a lot of people."
The proposal happened in Gulf Shores, Ala., when Katherine was under the impression that she and McCarron were going to a charity event.
After McCarron proposed, he took her to a restaurant where their family and friends were waiting to surprise her.
"After the proposal, Katherine still thought she was going to the event," Laurie said. "That's also why she thought there was cameras there."
Laurie said that the engagement ring is approximately five carats, with pink diamonds from South Africa on the side.

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