Meet the hottest new social media app, Peach


Peach, an app created by the co-founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, was released on Jan. 8 and already seems to be taking mobile users by storm.

Talked about by numerous bloggers, websites and eager users, Peach was able to get its name out there and have increasing numbers of downloads.

Acclaimed for encompassing a variety of methods for users to connect and update each other, Peach allows users to be more efficient and creative in their sharing.

Peach is an engaging and innovative app in terms of creating and sharing content and can be seen as a combination of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Peach has the layout of a text-messaging app, so when the friends of a user post something, it appears chronologically on the user’s feed, and the user has to go to each friend’s profile to see what is posted.

Also, users only share content to people they approve, which makes Peach a more private app.

One of the main aspects of the app is “magic words,” which allows users to create many features by typing in certain phrases that act as commands. For example, by typing “gif,” a search bar will appear for gifs. By typing “here,” your current location appears and can be posted.

Other features let users message one another, share pictures and videos, loop videos, sketch and post drawings, rate anything with a one to five star rating, “shout big words,” which is sending messages in large sizes, share their iPhone battery, current weather and events from their calendar, share a song that is playing, identify a song that is playing, tag the name of a television show or book, share the number of steps walked that day and much more.

Logan Huerta and Leanna Flowers, freshmen in pre-music education, said they would definitely get the app.

“It’s a really good combination of a lot of social media sites, especially with like Shazam, and I like the way you can rate a post,” Huerta said.

Flowers said she likes the idea of just using the one app instead of using multiple social media apps.

“It seems like it would save a lot of Internet data, and it would also be great because it would save text messaging minutes, so that’s pretty cool,” Flowers said. “And you can interact with your peers and possibly use it for school purposes or getting in contact with people around you and bring them closer together.”

However, to John David Phillips, freshman in pre-music education, Peach just seems like another similar app trying to gain popularity.

“I probably wouldn’t get it,” Phillips said. “I already have stuff that does everything it sounds like this app does. It sounds like a good idea, but if it came out years earlier, then it would probably [have] taken off better than it would now.”

For the moment, the app seems like a new and fun way to update friends, but only time will tell whether Peach will grow to be a major impact in social media.

Peach is available for iOS devices and is currently free on the iTunes App Store.

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