The G.O.A.T. reflects on losing the vote


Most of the student body will remember Caleb Marshall, junior is mathematics, from his stand-out performance in the 2017 SGA Debate last week where he encouraged students to "vote for the G.O.A.T."

Marshall regards himself as an "innovative thinker" and the "greatest of all time." 

His campaign attire went against that of the traditional candidate's suit and tie, and his campaign board, a spray-painted piece of plywood, was visibly different than the intricately painted ones his rivals spent hours creating.

Though his methods seemed out-of-the-box, Marshall said his focus was primarily on doing things his way rather than the way people expected him to. 

“There’s usually a regular way to do things, you know? A normal way to do things," Marshall said. "People have their way of doing things, but I usually don’t give that much thought because I like to do things my way.”

In the SGA Debate, Marshall said his friends gave him the final push he needed to finally decide to run for SGA president this year. 

“I had something to offer that nobody else had," Marshall said. "It wasn’t a matter of ‘why run,’ but more of just ‘why not?'"

Marshall said he decided to run because he believes there are several things SGA needs to change.

“No doubt about it. There’s tons," Marshall said. "I could make a list of things that should be different.”

Marshall said he got to know David Facteau the most and even got to share a few laughs with him throughout the campaign week.

"David and I were campaigning next to one another on the concourse," Marshall said. "I talked to him and we had a few quips. He had the sign that said ‘what can David do for you?’ and I said ‘well, you can drop out.’”

Marshall said even though he respects his fellow candidates, he believes the students made the wrong choice in not voting for him.

“Whenever people run for office, a lot of people miss opportunities and vote for the wrong people," Marshall said. "There’s no denying the fact that I’m the greatest. It’s more other people’s loss than it is my loss.” 

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