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A spirit that is not afraid

SGA performs Safety Walk to identify possible safety hazards around campus

Auburn SGA executives, senate members, University faculty and police officers took to the streets and campus walkways Monday night looking for potential safety hazards.

SGA’s Safety Walk was carried out, as it is every year, to ensure the blue light emergency phones are functional, the landscaping presents no hazards and there are no broken lights or windows around campus.

“The reason that we are doing this is to make sure that Auburn students are safe on campus,” said Sean Griffin, director of safety initiatives for SGA.

After their senate meeting, SGA members split into 10 teams of five to nine students, faculty members and police officers. These teams were assigned a portion of campus to walk through and check off any safety concerns they might find.

“I think Safety Walk is important for the University because it is a chance to catch issues that otherwise could set the stage for an unsafe situation,” said SGA President Jacqueline Keck. “I truly believe that Safety Walk has kept numerous students safe and has prevented red dot moments through improving lighting, ensuring that all blue lights work properly, and observing any building or landscape issues that could cause a problem.”

The ten teams could be seen walking through the cold weather with flashlights and notepads, spread out through the entirety of Auburn’s campus from the sports fields to Toomer’s Corner.

“Safety walk is always an encouraging event for me; University administrators, local officials, police, and student leaders volunteer their evening to do their part in ensuring Auburn University’s campus is always up to date on safety and security,” said Vice President Justin Smith. “Auburn’s SGA has continued to take the Safety Walk as a serious initiative because we understand how important campus safety is.”

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