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What are Auburn Students Wearing to Class?

Crowds of students walk to class on Sept. 27, 2022.
Crowds of students walk to class on Sept. 27, 2022.

With the cooler weather approaching, students are digging deeper into their closets to find the perfect fall outfits for class. When looking around campus one may notice some of the same trends as previous years and even some new ones. 

The unpredictable Alabama weather is a concern that many people have when deciding on an outfit. “I chose to wear a graphic tee and some biker shorts because it’s usually hot, hotter than normal, so I just wanted to cool off, but I also have a jacket just in case it gets cold,” said Nyah Jackson, sophomore in biomedical sciences.

Many other students are stuck in between the hot and cold weather. 

“I’m wearing a t-shirt and shorts… I’m wearing this because it’s still reasonably warm outside and not cold enough for jeans,” said Wyatt Billman, sophomore in social science education. 

The early morning chill fades into the warm afternoon sun leaving students needing to be prepared for it all.

 “I’m wearing a jacket with a t-shirt and biker shorts…because earlier it was 57 degrees but it’s also gonna warm up,” said Alexa Boone, sophomore in chemical engineering. 

As for the common trends, hoodies and sweatpants seem to be the most popular items worn by students, as most students dress for comfort over style. 

“I’m wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants because it’s comfortable to wear to class,” said Jordan Moulton, freshman in pre-law and justice. 

Other popular clothing items worn to class include crop tops, oversized t-shirts and tennis skirts. When asked about common trends she sees on campus, Boone said she sees crop tops with sweatpants very often.

“I think shirts have gotten bigger and shorts have gotten smaller,” Billman said.

Billman also expressed how men on campus are dressing up more. 

“I noticed gym shorts have gone out of fashion for young men…I’d say like boots as everyday wear are more common among men, specifically work boots; cowboy boots,” Billman said

Overall, comfort seems to be the main factor when choosing an outfit. From sweatpants to tennis skirts, students wear it all. Moulton said she sees athleisure the most often. Athleisure, clothing designed to be suitable for both exercise and everyday wear, has become the most worn category of clothing, with brands such as Lululemon, Free People and Fabletics being among the most common. 

When looking around campus you may expect to see a great deal of people wearing Auburn attire, but it is not as common as one might assume, with most students only wearing it once a week or less. 

“Honestly at least once a week just from the hat standpoint, I’ve got a few other Auburn paraphernalia but those are less in rotation,” Billman said. 

Putting together an outfit can seem tricky to be prepared for the weather and classroom environments, but for the Auburn students, the consensus seems to be wearing whatever you are most comfortable in. 

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