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Monday, Dec 11, 2023 | Latest Print Edition

Julianne Lozano elected SGA vice president

Julianne Lozano, junior in business analytics, was elected vice president of the Student Government Association for the 2023-2024 term. 

Lozano was the sole candidate running for vice president this year, so although she expected the win she said she was still nervous. 

"All of the major candidates and I, we're all really good friends so I was just nervous to see how it played out, it's just like a nerve-wracking experience," Lozano said. 

Lozano mentioned that she and Ashton Dickinson, incoming SGA treasurer elected tonight, ran together on a ticket when they were freshmen. 

"I ended up not winning and he won," Lozano said. "My roommate has a button on right now of the ticket we ran on freshman year, and now to see us here, we're like 'how did we even ger here?'. I'm so excited to see where the year takes us." 

Lozano ran on the platform of ensuring the senate has a focus on inclusion, planning to use her position to educate the student body on what the senate is and what it does. She also wants to promote student involvement in elections and senatorial office hours so SGA can better serve the Auburn community. 

"I just really hope to make Auburn better than it is right now," Lozano said. "Like I want this experience for the next person to be even better, but also we obviously have a lot we have to do, and a lot in the year ahead of us." 

Coleman Turnipseed, the outgoing SGA vice president, said that she was pumped for the next executive cabinet. 

"I mean I'm standing here looking at Julianne and Ashton hugging, and I'm so excited for them," Turnipseed. "It's very, very bittersweet. I feel sad for us because it feels like a whole year has gone by so quickly, but I had the time of my life and I'm so glad I've done it."

To Lozano, Turnipseed said that she would tell her to take it as it comes. 

"I mean, being in the senate is such a wild ride, but it's so, so fun," Turnipseed said. 

Lozano won 6933 of the 10,371 votes. 

Destini Ambus | Editor-in-Chief

Destini Ambus, senior in journalism, pursuing a minor in sociology is the editor-in-chief of The Auburn Plainsman.


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