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A spirit that is not afraid


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"This is for a bigger battle": Operation Iron Ruck

Every Iron Bowl, a group of veterans hike from the away team's stadium to the home team stadium to raise awareness of veteran suicide. They will carry 22 pounds to commemorate the 22 veteran lives taken by suicide in Alabama annually on average. The hike, known as a ruck, brings community to veterans across the state and will begin Nov. 22 and end Nov. 25, the day of the 2023 Iron Bowl.


The fate of Auburn's short-term rentals

The Alabama Supreme Court affirms decision regarding short-term rentals case in favor of defendants.  Steven Dixon’s appeal was denied and his arguments were found "unavailing" by the court. Dixon claimed that the city of Auburn’s short-term rental ordinance ignored his home’s status as preexisting and nonconforming, and violated his right to equal protection.