Chizik promotes 'All In' during pep rally



Auburn head coach Gene Chizik met with the student body in front of the Auburn Arena Wednesday night, urging it to go "All In" for Auburn and show the same amount of support in Saturday's game against Clemson as it did during the West Virginia game in 2009.

"I said, 'You know what guys? We're getting ready to play West Virginia and I need you to come to that stadium and I need you to be loud,'" Chizik said. "'I need you too make that the craziest, loudest venue in the country on that night,' And do you know what I witnessed? I witnessed 14,000 students singing in the rain."

Chizik also mentioned the impact the game will have on recruiting.

"Every time we get done talking to a recruit, and it's his first time here and he's come to game day, he looks at us and he says, 'Coach, I've never seen anything like that.' That's what I want Saturday night from you," Chizik said.

However, Chizik didn't mention anything at the pep rally about the widely circulated rumors of custom designed uniforms for this weekend's game.

Fans have been asked to wear all blue in Jordan-Hare Stadium as part of "True Blue," a new counterpart to the familiar "All Auburn, All Orange."

The attendance of ESPN's College GameDay has also been fueling the reports.

"I need you 'All In' at 8 o'clock in the morning over there with Game Day," Chizik said. "You guys don't know the energy that you give our football team and our coaches. In about 3-and-a-half days, about 100 yards from here, that place is going to be jacked. And you're going to be the reason it's jacked."

During a practice Wednesday, Chizik confirmed Auburn will be wearing its traditional uniforms.

"Our uniforms are our uniforms, and we love them," Chizik said.

Sources originating close to the team have revealed a photo depicting a navy blue Under Armour helmet that has potential to be sported during Saturday's game.

"I'm giving you three days warning," Chizik said. "Saturday night when we get off that bus, my challenge to you is to make Jordan-Hare the absolute craziest, wildest, loudest stadium in the country, period."

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