Public safety's wish is granted

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard secured $20,000 in grants for the Auburn Police and Fire Divisions.

"Auburn's policemen and firefighters deserve our support in every way we can give it," Hubbard said. "It's my job to see that hard-earned taxpayer dollars are returned to our community and put to good use. I can think of no better way to do that than giving our police and fire departments more tools to protect us."

The equipment purchased with these grants will benefit students along with permanent residents.

The Auburn Police Department, which also services the University, received $10,000 that it will use to purchase four sets of night-vision goggles. The equipment will be used to investigate criminal activity and help the department with search-and-rescue efforts.

"If there's a crime at night, the night-vision goggles are useful because they will help us identify the suspect," said Police Chief Tommy Dawson. "Also if a student is lost, these could be used to locate them immediately."

Hubbard said he was especially pleased the grant would be beneficial for campus safety.

"Having night-vision monoculars will enhance officers' ability to keep students safe when they are most vulnerable," Hubbard said.

The remaining $10,000 given to the Auburn Fire Department will be used to purchase another Holmatro extrication tool, or the Jaws of Life, and the power pack needed to operate it.

"If someone is involved in a car accident and we have to pry the door open or get the hood off, this equipment allows us to do that," said Auburn Fire Chief Lee Lamar.

In addition to the $20,000 secured for Auburn, Hubbard secured another $20,000 grant for Opelika.

Opelika Police Chief Tommy Mangham said the Opelika Police Department will be using $9,700 to purchase an identification card printer and laminating tools.

According to Fire Chief Terry Adkins, $8,500 will be used by the Opelika Fire Department to purchase LED flashlights for all fire personnel, and the remaining $1,800 will be used to purchase new camera equipment for the Community Relations Department.

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