Club promotes service, personal growth

Poverty, abuse, hunger, pollution, bullying--no issue is too tough for C-4 to tackle.

C-4, which stands for compassion, commitment and creating change, is a sevice organization that assists its members with their individual volunteer interests.

Charlotte Sutton, associate professor in the management department in the College of Business, started the group last fall.

"I wanted to make a difference, but I didn't know how," Sutton said. "Then I had a couple of students, graduate students, that I sensed were in a similar situation, so I started individually mentoring them."

The group stemmed from students who wanted to be involved in an organization not geared toward a specific issue, such as building homes for the disadvantaged or raising hunger awareness.

"C-4 is about finding out what you as an individual are interested in and then how we, as a group, can help you make that change happen," Sutton said. "This is for those who don't fit into that nice, little square box."

Auburn alumnus Sami Rahman expressed interest in agriculture sustainability as a graduate student last year. Sutton said through networking in C-4, Rahman was able to act on his ideas and is now studying ways farmers can develop water-saving technology.

Nicole Halpin, junior in marketing, became interested in C-4 after taking a leadership class with Sutton.

"I have just recently started attending the meetings and have found them to be very inspiring," Halpin said. "I have tried to help Dr. Sutton market the group to other students because I know there are a lot of people on Auburn's campus that have a heart for making a difference in the world."

The group focuses on encouraging each other and fostering one another's ideas.

"It's a good place to meet like-minded people who really want to make an impact on their community in some way, shape or form," said Megan Reynolds, freshman in math and French. "It's also a place to get encouragement and suggestions from those people."

Halpin said she hopes C-4 will grow to be a successful organization and touch lives around the world.

The group's next meeting will be Nov. 14 at 7:30 p.m. in Lowder Room 014.

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