Pope's Haunted Farm returns with new 3-D haunted house


The 19th-annual Pope's Haunted Farm in Salem is back with an all new 3-D haunted house.

According to Troy Pope, owner of Pope's Haunted Farm, guests will enter the haunted house in 3-D glasses for the \0x91five-hour event.

"Everything is illuminated with black lights and everything is painted with fluorescent paints," Pope said.

"\0x17That's what gives the effects; the oranges and reds look like they're floating, and the blues look like they're further away. We play off that with our scares, and we're able to pull off\0x8C a lot of illusions that you can't do in a regular dark haunt."

Pope's Haunted Farm opens Friday, Oct. 5, from 6:30-10:30 p.m. CST and will run until Oct. 31.

Past events such as the haunted barn, forest and hayride are also returning this year.

"\0x17The scariest event would probably be the barn or the forest for college-aged students," Pope said. "\0x17The hayride, as far as overall attendance, is the most popular."

Pope said the preparation for this large-scale event is year-round.

"It basically takes the month of November to get packed up and put away, and then we generally take a month o\0x8Cff," Pope said. "\0x17The first of the year we start back designing and making new things and work all the way up till this Friday."

Tickets for Pope's Haunted Farm are $12, and the 3-D event is an extra $5.

For tickets and directions to Pope's Haunted Farm, visit popeshayride.com.

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