Obama prevails, College Democrats celebrate


The Toomer's Oaks were surrounded by cheering students the night of Nov. 6 as Obama supporters celebrated election results predicted by CNN.
Jacob Dean, president of College Democrats, said Obama's win didn't surprise him.
"The Democratic candidates we have, such as Hillary and Barack, have such a great hope for this country and instill such promise and such hope in America that it's hard to vote against them," Dean said.
Dean said the only thing he didn't expect was the wide margin by which Obama won.
"We worked really hard for this." Dean said. "We've done phone banking nearly three or four times a week. We've all probably given 25 dollars to the campaign, so it's really exciting to see all these states go to Obama."
Dean said Obama's win reflects the Democratic Party's wide constituency.
"That's why I'm in the Democratic Party," Dean said. "We can accept people who have different views without belittling them, without excommunicating them from our party. The Democrats believe that Americans should be represented by a party that is as diverse as America. I think that's why we're so successful in elections. More students than ever are joining the Democratic Party because they realize Democrats represent them."

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