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Classes have only been in session for a few weeks, but many students may have already worn away the treads on their shoes walking back and forth across campus. The long trek from Parker Hall to Lowder Hall is one that gets old fast, but there are many different ways to get around campus, each with their own pros and cons. Here are just a few ways to switch up your commute.

Bicycles are probably the most obvious choice for those who want to get around campus quicker and easier. A leisurely way to cover ground, bikes are often seen on campus weaving through pedestrian traffic.

They are best used for long rides across campus because for shorter rides, the time it takes to unlock a bike from a bike rack and lock it up again at the destination can often take just as much time as walking and can be more of a hassle.

One convenient service provided by Auburn University is the War Eagle Bike Share that stations bikes at various stops around campus that are free for everyone to use after the Social Bicycles app is downloaded. If ever you are behind schedule, this is a good way to catch up and save time.

Just remember to register your bike with Auburn if you decide to use your own to avoid getting it impounded.

Another popular method of transportation are the many varieties of longboards and penny boards you will often see around campus. These have a steeper learning curve than bicycles, but they are well worth the effort needed to become proficient in riding them.

Longboards are wonderful for zipping around campus and do not have to be chained up. Instead, carry them into class and stow them under a seat or on a wall. This convenience means that even a short ride will save time instead of walking or biking.

Penny boards are more difficult to ride still but afford even greater convenience as you can fit it under a seat or in a backpack.

A rare sight on campus, scooters are less conventional but still effective ways to traverse campus. Easy to ride and easy to stow either locked up at a bike rack or against the wall in class, they are a more versatile way to move than either bikes or longboards.

However, they are slower than either other option and, for better or worse, students who ride them stand out in others’ minds.

If you are still on campus between 6 p.m.-7 a.m., you can call (334) 844-7800 to hail a Security Shuttle that will pick up passengers from anywhere on campus and transport them to anywhere else on campus free of charge. These provide a safe and fast way to move around campus and are most useful for students who live in the dorms.

Each Auburn student will have to get around campus for four or more years, so finding a method of transportation that is quick, efficient and enjoyable is an integral part of streamlining their time at Auburn.

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