Aidan Lambrecht | Lifestyle Writer


Should you listen to music while you study?

According to a study by Chew et al, participants who listened to familiar music scored higher in most tasks compared to those who listened to new music or who completed them in silence.

REVIEW: AU Theatre's 'God of Carnage' is short and sweet

Though taking place inside just a single, unremarkable living room, this production of Yasmina Reza’s “God of Carnage” manages to keep its audience riveted throughout its short runtime. It is one long discussion that is at the same time stressful and awkward and funny and, above all, enjoyable.

REVIEW: AU Theatre's 'Antigone' didn't disappoint

The story of a young woman with immutable values, AU Theatre’s production of Jean Anouilih’s 'Antigone' was vibrant and active, easily accessible for both those who are theater veterans or who have never seen a play before.

COLUMN: Best ways to get around campus

Each Auburn student will have to get around campus for four or more years, so finding a method of transportation that is quick, efficient and enjoyable is an integral part of streamlining their time at Auburn.