Stephen Lanzi | Staff Writer


O Town Ice Cream relocating, expanding locations

The store will also have a float boat on Lake Martin the week of July 4. O Town will also be permanently featured under the name of the legendary Sani-Freeze at J&M Boostore as well as a few pop-up events at Bubba’s Pharmacy.

Auburn, Opelika asking for public input on joint skate park

The cities of Auburn and Opelika have come together to build a joint skate park for the communities to enjoy, and the cities are asking the public to give input on the design. “What we really feel is that Opelika could do this by themselves, Auburn could do this by themselves, but you probably wouldn’t get as nice in either place as we’re hoping this one, with the combined resources, turns out to be,” said Sam Bailey, Opelika parks and recreation director. The skate park is set to be built in the municipal Indian Pines Golf Course, which rests on the border of Auburn and Opelika.  “There’s no sense in doing two small ones when you can have one big one,” Bailey said.