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Monday, Oct 2, 2023 | Latest Print Edition

Students still debate firearms at University

Students all over the country are taking a shot at legalizing concealed firearms on college campuses.

A group of students at North Carolina State University recently protested the prohibition of concealed firearms on campus by carrying around empty gun holsters.

After this protest and the anniversary of Lauren Burk's death, students are searching for a way to ensure their safety.

Events like these, along with a recent bomb threat at Lowder Business Building, make students wonder how safe they are.

After Burk's death, Alabama state Sen. Hank Erwin requested a law allowing qualified students and faculty to carry concealed firearms on college campuses. The law was not passed, but sparked discussion.

Auburn's Department of Public Safety and Security does not allow students or faculty to carry firearms on campus.

However, some students believe they could safely carry concealed firearms as long as precautions are taken on campus so the weapons do not fall into the wrong hands.

"If someone already has a concealed carry license they should be able to carry a gun on campus," said Josh Holderness, a sophomore in political science and Air Force ROTC. "However, I think the university should have some sort of AU permit to go along with the gun license."

Students have conflicting opinions on the issue, but safety on campus is the main concern.

"I would feel more in danger if I knew students could have guns," said Lauren Ulrich, a sophomore in microbiology.

Other students disagree. Some argue a person planning to shoot on campus for a reason other than self defense will do so even if they are not allowed to carry a gun.

Senior in criminology Doug Glover said students and faculty with a license to carry a concealed firearm should be allowed to exercise their license wherever they go.

He said to ensure guns were in good hands, the University could offer a class about firearm safety to students.

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