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A spirit that is not afraid

Allison Thompson / Staff Writer

The Auburn Plainsman

Committee of 19 hosts Spring Hunger Week

The Auburn community will be battling hunger April 6 through 11as one student organization leads Spring Hunger Week. The Committee of 19, represented by members from every schooland college, is a campus organization aimed at fighting world hunger.The group works to fight hunger both locally and internationally byspreading awareness and leading and participating in events to curehunger. The committee's name was created based on the 19 cents it costin 2004 to feed a starving person daily.

The Auburn Plainsman

Classes tuned in for iTunes

Universities all across the county are moving to a new beat as they incorporate evolving technology into the classroom.Auburn professors can now deliver recorded lectures and other information to their students through podcasts using a new program called Authenticated AU iTunes.Students seem to like the idea of iTunes being used more in the classroom."It would be a great idea for professors to use podcasts for their lectures, because it would allow students to better understand what their professors are talking about," said Chris Hawkins, a sophomore in physical education.


Students still debate firearms at University

Students all over the country are taking a shot at legalizing concealed firearms on college campuses.A group of students at North Carolina State University recently protested the prohibition of concealed firearms on campus by carrying around empty gun holsters.After this protest and the anniversary of Lauren Burk's death, students are searching for a way to ensure their safety.Events like these, along with a recent bomb threat at Lowder Business Building, make students wonder how safe they are.After Burk's death, Alabama state Sen.

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