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Monday, Oct 2, 2023 | Latest Print Edition

Student Recruiters impact prospective students

Amanda Baldonado, a junior in HDFS, shows prospective students around the Auburn campus.
Amanda Baldonado, a junior in HDFS, shows prospective students around the Auburn campus.

Students see them braving the traffic of the Concourse, walking backward and guiding large groups around campus. Most every student met one of them before choosing to attend Auburn.

They are Student Recruiters, the University organization responsible for giving tours of Auburn's campus and showing prospective students and parents that Auburn really is the Loveliest Village on the Plains.

Each Student Recruiter gives two campus tours per week. They show families what Auburn has to offer and answer any questions from prospective students or parents.

Student recruiters do more than give tours of campus, though.

"What I like most about Student Recruiters is the instrumental part you play in people's lives," said Student Recruiters president Nicole Nero. "If you influence them to choose Auburn, you could also influence their major, their job or who they marry. I love the possibility of positively impacting someone that way."

Aside from playing the roles of Auburn's tour guides, the 60 recruiters represent the Office of Undergraduate Recruitment at college fairs, TALONS Days, War Eagle Days and Camp War Eagle. They exemplify the spirit of Auburn at these events in hopes of recruiting the best new students possible.

Student Recruiters also lead a program in which they e-mail and write letters to high school seniors who are undecided about where to attend college, offering to settle any questions or concerns the seniors have about Auburn.

"Recruiters have been told that students really enjoy our personal way of touring, because we make an effort to give special attention to each student," said Student Recruiter and junior in finance Ashley Ahner. "A lot of times the student or family will write to the office telling them how much they enjoyed the Auburn experience."

Becoming a Student Recruiter is a competitive process. Nero, a senior in marketing, said more than 250 students tried out this year, and 60 made it.

To try out, students turn in applications and have two interviews, one casual and one formal. New Student Recruiters are announced by call outs in the Quad.

Though the organization is competitive to join, Student Recruiter and sophomore in accounting Clark Solomon recommends any student with dedication and passion for Auburn try out.

"It's one of my favorite organizations at Auburn," Solomon said. "All the recruiters are outgoing, personable and energetic, and many of my best friends are recruiters."

Cameron Carr, Student Recruiter and junior in accounting, agreed one of the best parts of being a recruiter is making friends within the group. She said all members of the group are unique, and getting to know each person is rewarding.

"We are from all over the country, all love Auburn and are all pretty much outgoing, which makes for a lot of fun when you get us all in the same room," Carr said.

The recruiters have developed many memories giving tours and working together.

Carr said sharing stories with other recruiters about funny parents or group members that accidentally wander away from the tour is one of the most entertaining parts of being a recruiter. As a group, they have many treasured memories.

Solomon said his favorite recruiter memory took place last summer.

He was giving a tour when a storm began to develop.

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Thinking he could end the tour before the rain came, he led to group to Jordan-Hare Stadium.

"With lightning striking in the distance and rain pelting us, I shared a rousing rendition of the legend of War Eagle and poured my heart into the story," Solomon said. "Two days later I got an e-mail saying it had helped persuade a student to come to Auburn."

Student Recruiters have a profound impact on those considering Auburn, but Ahner said they aren't the only ones who can influence prospective students' decision.

"I love when other students yell 'War Eagle!' at my tours while they are walking between classes," Ahner said. "It really helps illustrate the concept of Auburn spirit, and the tour gets a kick out of it."

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