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Monday, Dec 11, 2023 | Latest Print Edition

Auburn's Cakeitecture bakers to appear on 'Cake Wars'

Two Auburn bakers will appear on an episode of the Food Network’s “Cake Wars” next week.

Cakeitecture owner Carie Tindill and assistant Kelly Oslick will compete against three other teams in a themed challenge to win a $10,000 prize. The episode airs Monday, Aug. 22, at 8 p.m.

The competitors will battle to create a cake for a party of the 90th birthday of Paddington Bear creator, Michael Bond. Paddington Bear illustrator, R.W. Alley, will help decide who wins the prize.

The two bakers’ journey began with a phone call in February, requesting to have them on the show.

“I said, ‘That sounds like fun!’ And by the middle of March, they had flown us out to Los Angeles to film the show,” Tindill said.

She said she had never planned to be on TV and had only watched the competition a couple times before. But being a part of the “Cake Wars” experience introduced her to bakers from across the U.S.

“I loved watching the techniques some of the other bakers used,” Tindill said. “It has been really nice forming relationships with them because in this business, competing bakeries aren't always friendly. It’s great having baker friends.”

An Auburn alumna, Tindill opened Cakeitecture on Magnolia Avenue last fall, becoming Auburn’s first University-licensed bakery, meaning she has permission to replicate Auburn trademarks and logos on her baked goods.

She and Oslick use architecture techniques and software — which, in part, inspired the bakery’s name — to craft customized pastries.

Oslick said her favorite part of being a competitor on the Food Network show was networking with others in her field too.

“[Competiting alongside the other bakers was] inspirational and terrifying in equal parts,” Oslick said, adding that the other competitors were experienced but genuine and friendly.

Both Tindill and Oslick agreed that the atmosphere of the show was most challenging.

“Most of it was outside what was normal for us,” Oslick said, adding that the equipment was different from what they’re accustomed to.

But the pressure also came from the countdown clock.

“The most challenging part is the time restriction, especially in an environment that you are not used to working in,” Tindill said.

The two will watch the completed episode for the first time with the rest of the nation’s viewers, and if they are announced the winners Monday night, Tindill said she would put the funds back into improving the business.

“We have grown so much since March, and there are some big changes I would do to our shop,” she said.

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