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COLUMN: How to gain the freshman 15

You just began the adventure that is college. You hope to experience new things and get the most out of your time here at Auburn. That will, of course, involve the standards like expanding your mind both academically and philosophically, growing your social skills and subsequent friend group and adding all the extracurriculars you possibly can to your resume.

This is all well and good, but the biggest expansion, growth and addition will, whether you like it or not, be to your waist line and body mass index. Like everything else in college, we encourage you to embrace the change! Here are a few ways to make sure your “freshman 15” is achieved quicker than a decent GPA.

Tiger Dining

Your Tiger Card is loaded with money intended to be used for nothing but food, and you are attending a campus offering amazing, calorie filled dishes at every turn! Chik-fil-A and Papa John’s sit on the same floor of the Student Center, Panda Express is nestled within the depths of Foy and, for those of you who are going to have to re-up on dining funds after the first month anyway, the Wellness Kitchen offers an all-day buffet of delicious and “healthy” (although I don’t think many nutritionists would consider 4 ½ servings of chicken and waffles beneficial to health) food made fresh every day. Enjoy the variety of Tiger Dining with friends to make it a social experience or go eat alone to avoid sideways glances at your third “Tiger Tail” of the day. Either way, you’re sure to speed up that weight gain and slow down your metabolism.

Streaming services

We are living in a golden age of accessing the best movies and TV shows within seconds. A huge helper in the journey to an extra 15 pounds is enjoying sites like Hulu, Netflix and HBO Go as much as you can. Why stress about going to the gym after working on homework all afternoon when you could just watchthe first season of “Breaking Bad” in the comfort of your dorm?

News of national leaders threatening to start a nuclear war got you down? Enjoy a few seasons of “Cupcake Wars” to cheer yourself up.

Miss the non-stop torrent of high school drama? Well, that actually continues into college, but catch up on “Game of Thrones” anyway to have something else to talk about with your friends!

Gaining that freshman 15 will require more than just consuming food, it requires consuming media too, so hunker down with a snack, a blanket and your fifth watch-through of “The Office” and you’ll get there in no time.

Drink specials

If you’re still working on gaining your freshman 15 by the time you’re 21 (I’d never endorse underage drinking), downtown Auburn offers a variety of drinks and specials that have more calories than they do alcohol content.

Going downtown to enjoy bars like 1716, Quixote’s and Skybar is fun, supports the local businesses and great for weight gain because of the close proximity they share. Just about every night of the week has alcohol specials like half priced margarita pitchers, $2 wells and free drinks (sorry guys, that last one just applies to the ladies). Grab a designated driver and some cash before heading downtown to get your gain on!

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