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COLUMN: Surviving the year with a bad roommate

That roommate preference form you filled out with the biggest smile on your face has ended up picking the person you will battle with every day for the next semester. You’ve grown accustomed to mild neck pain because you’ve been using RBD’s various collections of books as a pillow.

Whether you got roomed with your best friend from back home or a random from Wyoming who has whiskey pulsing through his veins, you and your roommate won’t end up the same way you started.

Playing the nice card worked through the first couple of months, but now it seems as if everything they do is a direct objection to the values you stood by your entire life.

I get it, you enjoy watching anime until 4 a.m. while continuously Skyping your high school girlfriend but something has got to give. As if the stress of college isn’t enough already.

Do not fret, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Many before you have survived the atrocity of having a bad roommate, and many will come after you. Here are some tips to help cope with the anxiety.

Speak your mind. If some of your roommate’s habits bother you, let them know. It’s healthier to communicate effectively rather than assuming they have the same expectations as you. Be humble in your approach to address any issues.

Resident advisers are there for you. If there’s a problem that simply just cannot be solved internally, talk to your RA. That’s what they’re there for. Resident advisers specialize in neutralizing conflicts among roommates.

Be considerate. Take a deep breath, we’re all sorry your freshman year roommate didn’t turn into your best friend. You both come from different backgrounds and live different lifestyles. Learning to accept them regardless of their way of life says a lot about your character. After all, they’re only first-world problems.

Don’t allow too many third-party extended stays. Your living quarters is your dojo. This is your private sector for concocting the next best thing since the internet. Don’t be that guy who lets his girlfriend practically live there too. There’s nothing weirder than having to third wheel life because your roommate’s significant other has separation anxiety.

Understand it’s not forever. Even with the absolute worst, recognize that you will only live with them for a short period of time.

If you continue to have no luck in finding a tolerable roommate, lease a one bedroom apartment and fly solo. Freshmen are not required to live on campus, so this always an option.

Learning to accept things you can’t control is an essential life skill. Plus, roommate horror stories are some of the best to reflect on.

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