Patrick Dunning | Campus Writer


Professor gives lecture on pragmatic interactionism theory

Auburn University’s Natalia Ruiz-Junco, assistant professor of sociology, has a fire that burns for theory. Under the umbrella term of sociology, her research interests include social theory, social psychology, sociology of emotions, identity, qualitative methodology and social movements. “I’m interested in the construction of meaning in social life and in the interpretive dynamics of social action,” Ruiz-Junco said. With over 10 publications dating back to 2003, Ruiz-Junco remained persistent in her pursuit of truth. During a lecture, Ruiz-Junco specifically broke down the theory of pragmatic interactionism. Ruiz-Junco defined pragmatic to mean dealing with things realistically, in a way based on practical versus theoretical and interactionism as the theory that there are two entities, the mind and body, each of which influence each other. Ruiz-Junco has had a long-standing interest in pragmatist and interactionist theories. Ruiz-Junco said age, sex and job title help to make up one’s identity.