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Monday, Sep 25, 2023 | Latest Print Edition

Auburn and Tuskegee students create app to help with communication

<p>Creators of the app Malachi Ards, Henry Moses and Monroe Clayton&nbsp;</p>

Creators of the app Malachi Ards, Henry Moses and Monroe Clayton 

WeParlay has developed a web app that will allow users to never buy another business card. 

Henry Moses, Malachi Ards and Monroe Clayton is the team behind this app. They said they want to benefit college communities with their new development. They have created a tag that is placed on the back of a phone, which holds all the information the users may want to share with others.

With a simple tap, WeParlay takes users to a link that resembles a mini business card. Name, email, phone number and social media links are all a tap away from being saved. Their goal is to make sure that all contact information that one desires is shared accurately and completely. 

The inspiration for the app started when they realized how often information is miscommunicated or lost. WeParlay takes about 10 seconds to save another person's information. 

Moses, senior at Tuskegee University, said “I think we were at a point where we wanted to try to look for something different when developing this new product. There is nothing out in the marketplace like WeParlay." 

WeParlay started nine months ago and has started to spread on Auburn's campus. Moses and Ards met Clayton at a ministry retreat and decided to collaborate on the development of WeParlay. 

Clayton has taken a year off from graduate school to be able to dive into WeParlay's business.  After joining Moses and Ards at WeParlay, Clayton, an alumnus from Auburn University, said “It has been a transformative learning experience."

They have started to spread the word about their new development by simply walking up to people on Auburn's campus and asking if they can show them something. Clayton said most people are surprised about what WeParlay offers. 

They want every person on Auburn’s campus to know about WeParlay and benefit from it. WeParlay aims to meet the concept of instantaneous connection for busy college students, they said. Ards said the development of this app means more to him than simply making connections.

“There's not a lot of brown men in technology," Ards said. "In fact, at that tech conference that we went to, we were some of the youngest ones. So to be able to show brown boys in these rural communities you could really take something that you just put your mind to, and do it and put your heart into. The sky's the limit."

Their next step is expanding WeParlay at its Auburn location. They are seeking team members that can serve in internship roles. Clayton said they are looking for graphic designers and videographers to help make content for WeParlay.

"We can really push out our social media strategy, now that we have the product up and running," Clayton said. "Now we need to do a lot more with branding. We need to do a lot more marketing and now we need to engage with our following on multiple different social media platforms” 

RJ Winchester

RJ Winchester, freshman in journalism, writes for the community section.

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