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Auburn students' spring break guide

Students may be finding it hard to focus with spring break right around the corner. Places to go? Essentials to bring? Price ranges or budgets? These are all questions students might have on their minds as they prepare for the upcoming break. Luckily, there are some ideas that might just save the day. Here is a spring break guide for Auburn students.

The first thing that might swarm student's minds are the places or vacation spots to go to during the break. With time slowly winding down, there are a few things to consider that Auburn students are eager to share. 

Olivia Pressley, freshman in industrial engineering, had a lot to share about her vacation arrangements. She plans to travel to Orange Beach, Alabama and stay for one week at a friend's home. Because of this, she and her friends have a place to stay, free of cost. However, the group plans to split the cost of groceries and other amenities. 

Some essential items Pressley recommended people take, wherever they choose to vacation, includes things that students use constantly in their everyday lives, as well as items that are specific for their destination.

"[I regret] not studying or doing homework over the break," Pressley said about decisions she's regretted in past spring breaks. "I got super behind on my work and had a test the day after break that I was not prepared for at all." 

Siobhan Mullins, freshman in psychology, had some similar things to say about her spring break plans. Similar to Pressley's plans, Mullins will also be visiting the beach with her friends for a week, and will be splitting the costs of groceries and gas. Mullins also won't be paying anything as she is staying at a friend's family guest house. However, one thing she says she is incorporating to make sure everything is fair and to help keep track of individual expenditures, is the use of Microsoft Excel. 

Some must-have items, she said, would include games or books.

"I feel like a break could also include a break from screen time so, I try to stay away from screens. It makes me feel like I'm living in the moment more," Mullins said.

One thing Mullins said she will make sure of during her stay at Vero Beach, Florida, is to relax.

"A bad past spring break decision would have to be going with too many people when there was too much drama. I want my spring break to be relaxing and that was not very relaxing," Mullins said.

Finally, going to Key West, Florida and staying from Tuesday to Sunday, Arik Hollerbach, sophomore in computer engineering, gives details about his plans. He explains that splitting costs is not in his plans, but that bringing earbuds and books is.

A last minute location for people going to sunny areas is Walmart. 

"Walmart has 5 dollar lawn chairs. Those are steals with a sombrero," Hollerbach said.

The trending pattern of advice is to take items that match the destination and to make sure to take some time to relax. 

Spring break will surely be the topic of discussion as Auburn students try to finish the week while trying to stay focused on classes. If students happen to be stuck with figuring out a plan for the upcoming break, there are suggested locations and items to ensure they have a good time.

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