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A spirit that is not afraid

Local artist Lauren Duncan hosts the Painting on the Rooftop event

The Walt and Ginger Woltosz Rooftop Terrace at The Laurel Hotel and Spa.
The Walt and Ginger Woltosz Rooftop Terrace at The Laurel Hotel and Spa.

On April 15, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., local artist Lauren Duncan will be hosting a Painting on the Rooftop event. Attendees can come paint and enjoy snacks and beverages from The Laurel Hotel and Spa.

This event can become a girls night, a family paint class, a date or even a solo opportunity to grow in painting skills.

Duncan explained that her first-ever painting event was last year for Galentines. She had never done it before and enjoyed the opportunity to work with The Laurel. She started on the green space outside beside Hey Day Market and has since moved to hosting on the roof. Now, she has done around five or six events at this location.

Duncan loves the opportunity to meet new people through the Painting on the Rooftop events that she has now increased to hosting them just about every month, excluding the warmer summer months.

She expressed that this is truly an event for anyone and everyone. There is no level of art expertise needed. Those who attend will certainly learn something, but the event can also be used as a fun night out on the town.

“I try to balance the fun with the learning. You have a lot of different people that sign up. A lot of people really want an art class, and then a lot of others just want to have cocktails with their friends,” Duncan said.

However, for those who are looking to learn, there is certainly lots of opportunity at one of Duncan’s classes.

“I do go into color mixing and usually talk about some kind of composition elements and how you want a hook point – some basics of art, but I don’t get super specific and I don’t expect everyone to get it all right,” Duncan said.

For her typical painting event, every participant is provided with a canvas, at least two paintbrushes, acrylic paint, a paper plate for mixing, water and an apron to wear.

People are welcome to wear whatever they would like to paint in, but Duncan mentioned that many people do dress up, as they attend with their friends and enjoy drinks together on the roof.

Her favorite part of frequently doing this event is how she gets to combine her love for art in and among the city of Auburn that she loves. Her grandfather even started one of Auburn’s favorite downtown businesses, the J&M Bookstore, so Auburn has always been special to her.

“It brings together a lot of my worlds…it’s got a touch of my art and of Auburn,” Duncan said.

For the Apr. 15 paint class, Duncan will be leading the group in a sunset painting of Downtown Auburn, making this vision and love of hers come to life.

Ever since she was little, Lauren Duncan has loved making art. 

“I have a distinct memory of being in kindergarten here in Auburn and painting a mural with the class and just thinking that was the coolest thing,” Duncan said.

Ever since then, she took lots of art lessons and classes growing up until eventually coming to Auburn University to get her bachelor’s degree in art.

After she graduated from Auburn and then graduate school in Birmingham, she began teaching art classes, whether it be gigs like this, kids summer camps or even international opportunities. Duncan has been teaching what she loves for many years.

“It’s [art] a place I can wrestle with hard things and ask questions,” Duncan said.

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When asked what her favorite part of painting is, Duncan said she loves it because of how it correlates with her faith.

“It’s my prayer life and the way I communicate with the Lord,” Duncan said.

Duncan mentioned that a lot of her paintings even have a certain Scripture reference that goes along with them. She expounded on this gift and how even social media has played a role in helping her with her art and making an impact on people.

“I feel like I can put out something beautiful and have a cool message to inspire and encourage other people,” Duncan said.

She then told the story of how there was a time in her college career when she was pre-med because she had a heart for wanting to share her faith with other people, and she thought this would be the best way to do it.

After failing chemistry, she quickly went back to being an art major. She quickly discovered that funny enough, she has been able to share her faith just as she wanted to do through her art.

“He [God] can use anything. He can use art…He can use anything to share His Word and His truth,” Duncan said.

Duncan then went on to share about a passage in Exodus 35:30-35 where the Lord made and ordained certain people with artistic abilities to craft things for the Temple in the Old Testament. She sees her art, just like this, as her purpose and gift that the Lord has given her, and exclaimed, “That’s me!”

Duncan sees both making her own art and sharing it with others through these art classes as a means to share her faith and glorify the Lord.

Though her next event in April is sold out, Duncan will be hosting another Painting on the Rooftop event on May 11 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. called Mother’s Day Out. 

For this painting event, participants will be creating a floral painting on the rooftop of The Laurel, and mimosas are included in the event price.

Tickets can be bought online to secure a spot for this next event.

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